Zenin Service Paribahan All Counter Number, Location, Fare list & Schedule

Zenin Service Transport is an important bus service in Bangladesh that has been providing transportation services since 1983. It is an AC and non AC transport service. The service is regularly operated through any district of Bangladesh and the main features of the transport are sleek, modern, and luxurious transport and the main advantage is comparatively low fare, timely arrival to the destination.

That is why the demand and acceptance of transport is so high. So there are many passengers who want to get the counter and mobile number of this transport. So for this today we have given here the address, phone number, and details of all the counters of all the districts of Paribahan in Bangladesh. You can know the details of all the counters continuously from below as per your requirement.

Zenin Service Transport Routes

Zenin Service Transport operates in almost every district of Bangladesh and a complete list of all the routes it operates is provided below. So you can know the details about the routes.

Current routes are from Sirajganj to Bogra> Rangpur, Joypurhat> Hili, Syedpur, Pabna, Konabari. From Sirajganj to Narayanganj, Dhaka (Malibagh – Mirpur). Enayetpur to Belkuchi via Dhaka (Mirpur), Tarash via Dhaka, Kazipur to Sirajganj> Chittagong, Enayetpur to Belkuchi> Chittagong, Kazipur to Sirajganj> Konabari, Chatmohar> Shahjadpur> Dhaka District.

Zenin service transport counter and mobile number

The addresses, mobile numbers, and details of all the counters of Jenin Service Transport will be seen below which you can find yourself, Guru.

Sirajganj district counter and mobile number

Jenin Paribahan has a total of 12 counters in the Sirajganj district. Any passenger can book a ticket from any of these twelve counters and travel from Sirajganj district to different parts of the country. Let’s address the twelve counters below:

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Bazar Station Counter, Sirajganj District Phone: 01888-047705.
Bus Stand Counter, Sirajganj District Phone: 01783-861550, 01783-861551.
Kaddar Mor Bus Station Counter, Sirajganj District Phone: 01888-047707.
Simanto Market Counter, Kazirpur, Sirajganj Phone: 01888-047703.
Meghai Bus Station, Kazirpur, Sirajganj Phone: 01888-047702.
Sonamukhi Bus Station, Kazirpur, Sirajganj Phone: 01888-047701.
Enayetpur Bus Counter, Sirajganj District Phone: 01305-330312
Belkuchi Bus Counter, Sirajganj District Phone: 01305-330339.
Tarash Bus Stand Counter, Sirajganj Phone: 01888-047713.
Nimgachhi Bus Counter, Tarash, Sirajganj Phone: 01888-047712.
Bhuiyaganti Bus Stand Counter, Sirajganj Phone: 01888-047711.


Chatmohar Upazila Bus Station Counter, Pabna District Phone: 01727-028009.a

Narayanganj district counters and mobile numbers

If you want to travel from City Narayanganj to any part of the country including Dhaka with this transport, you can travel through two counters. And the address along with the mobile number of these two counters is given below. You can start from here.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Narayanganj Bus Station Counter, Narayanganj District Phone: 01305-330311.
Malibagh Bus Station Counter, Narayanganj District, Phone: 01711-788343.

Counters and mobile numbers of Dhaka district

 There are four counters of this transport in the Dhaka district. However, the counters are in different places. If you want to find out the addresses of these counters, you can visit our site and collect the complete information and visit the counters.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Technical Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01888-047735.
Mirpur-2 Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01731-819495.
Bypile Bus Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01728-979491.
Konabari Bus Station Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01726-913675.


Chittagong area counters and mobile numbers

If you want to travel from Chittagong by this transport, there are five counters in different places in the Chittagong district because you can book this ticket from any one of the counters. So the address of each counter is attached below with a mobile number. Collect from here.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Main Counter, Chittagong City Phone: 01888-047729.
AK Khan Counter, Chittagong District AK Khan Counter, Chittagong District,
Alangkar Mor Counter, Chittagong City Phone: 01888-047732.
Cinema Palace Station Counter Phone: 01888-047733.
Bayezid Bus Station Counter, Chittagong District Phone: 01888-047731.

Rangpur district counter and phone number

There is a counter in Rangpur city to book tickets for this transport. If you want to book tickets in advance or find the counter address of Rangpur city, you can

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Rangpur Bus Stand Counter, Rangpur District Phone: 01996-239594.

Nilphamari district counter and phone number

For those who want to get a mobile number with the counter address to book tickets from Nilphamari, here is the address and detailed information of the Nilphamari counter provided here you can easily collect from here.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Syedpur Bus Station Counter, Nilphamari District Phone: 01995-255441.

Zenin Service Schedule this transportation

This transport allows passengers to reach their destination at the right time. For this reason, the transport authorities have set a timetable for prevention and counter-vehicle departure so that passengers can arrive at the counter at the right time and travel by car. So if you want to know the schedule of all the vehicles without this transport you can find out the schedule of all the vehicles by visiting this article.

  • From Sirajganj 8:15 in the morning and 4:15 in the afternoon
  • From Dhaka at 8:00 in the morning and at 5:00 in the afternoon
  • From Raiganj: 8:00 am and 3:00 pm
  • From Sirajganj city morning, 7:00 and afternoon 4:15
  • Schedule bus departure from Dhaka to Sirajganj city, Raiganj
  • Mirpur 2 to 8:00 in the morning and 4:45 in the afternoon
  • Technical from 8:15 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon

This is the fare list of the Zenin transport

  • Although this transport is popular, its fare is much lower than other modes and the customer service is promising. So there are no passengers complaining about the fare of this transport. Even then many people want to know how much is the fare of this transport and how much is the fare of any hotel from a distance. That’s why today we will provide the fare list for all routes here so that passengers can easily see from here.

Zenin Service’s new rental list :

  • Sirajganj- Dhaka, Mirpur = 300 rupees
  • Sirajganj- Chittagong = 600
  • Belkuchi- Chittagong = 600
  • Tarash- Dhaka = 350
  • Raiganj- Dhaka = 350
  • Enayetpur- Chittagong = 600
  • Enayetpur- Narayanganj ‌ = 400
  • Enayetpur- Malibagh = 320
  • Sirajganj- North Bengal
  • Sirajganj-Bogra = 130 rupees
  • Sirajganj-Rangpur = 300
  • Sirajganj-Saidpur = 350
  • Sirajganj-Joypurhat = 250
  • Sirajganj-Hili = 300

The quality of the Paribahan

The quality of this car is much better than other transports. The transport is AC and non-AC, comfortable, safe, on time and sincere authority. Provides sincere and superior service to passengers in solving any problem. Transportation tickets offer many benefits, including water supply and tissue prices. In addition, mosquito repellent sprays and perfume sprays are used in cars.

Features of the Paribahan

The car is shiny and has a nice finish. Adequately comfortable seats, luxurious and beautiful in nature. The car is interesting to look at and a modern model.

Warnings and rules of Zenin transport

  • Passengers must arrive at the ticket counter 15 minutes before leaving the car
  • Passengers will not be allowed to carry any type of drugs or weapons during the journey
  • Students have to take care of their bags and belongings
  • Passengers must keep their luggage and receive tokens
  • If a passenger wants to book a ticket in advance, there is an opportunity
  • However, if a passenger wants to cancel a ticket, he/she must inform 6 hours in advance and 10% of the ticket price will be deducted.
  • In addition, the authorities will provide several more facilities including water supply and tissue supply

From the above discussion, it is clear that this transport operates from Dhaka to different district headquarters of Bangladesh. This is why this transport is so well known. So many passengers search for the address and mobile number of the transport counter online to book tickets through this transport. So we have attached the address and mobile number of each district counter of this transport here to remind the passengers.

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