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Welcome to World Postal Day Every year on October 9, World Postal Day is celebrated. This year, Saturday, October 9, World Postal Day will be celebrated all over the world in a grand manner. World Postal Day is called World Postal Day. The United States is a big day that is celebrated in many other countries of the world besides the United States. Celebrated in Switzerland on the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union formatted in 1774.

Moreover, the first Indian Anandamohan was raised in 1989 at the Universal Union Congress in Tokyo, Japan. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness about the role and importance of cleaning the stains of human life and the importance of this postal department is much more in human life. This is why every year in the United States this day is celebrated in a very grand manner, so today we will discuss the date, importance, requirements, and details of the celebration of this day.

The importance of World Post Office Day

World Post Office Day is celebrated every year in the United States with great pomp and ceremony. Moreover, more than 150 days are celebrated. This is why they are so important because nowadays the postal service is very important or has come a long way. From letters sent on horseback to full-fledged post offices and letter messages scattered throughout the city. Postal Day refers to when new postal products and services are promoted. So there is no way to deny the importance of our local post office.

When is World Post Day celebrated in 2021?

World Postal Day is celebrated on October 9 every year. Likewise this year World Postal Day will be celebrated on Saturday 9th October 2021 all over the world. So this date was chosen because it was on the occasion of the Universal Founding Anniversary in 1974. Not only that, this day is celebrated on October 9 in more than 150 countries including the United States.

History and importance of World Postal Day

The history of World Postal Day goes back to ancient times and its importance is much greater. The reason that since ancient times there was no touch of modernity was due to the fact that the means of communication of all the necessary correspondence of the people was through the post office. The first government postal service was found in Iran in 550 BC. The postal service was found in ancient Egypt around 2500 BC. In ancient times this postal service was used to send messages, editors, parcels over thousands of miles. The United States launched its own postal service in 1975, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster. However, it was established on 9 October 1974 to co-operate and control the Universal Postal Union Mail Service. World Postal Day was inaugurated in 1969 at the Tokyo Universal Postal Congress in Japan.

Every year, the 192 member countries of the UPU recognize the importance and necessity of World Proposal Day and observe the 9th of October by recognizing its importance and social and economic significance. In addition, every year on the 9th of October, India organizes a massive program to celebrate World Postal Day and launch a new postal day. In addition, YouTube organizes an international letter-writing competition for 15-year-olds every year to bring together people to realize the importance and necessity of World Postal Day. So we can say that not only the United States but more than 150 countries of the world are deeply aware of the importance and necessity of this postal day and on the occasion of this day carry the importance of celebrating the day through various activities including raising awareness among the people.

Date of celebration of World Post Day

Every year, more than 150 countries around the world, including the United States, celebrate World Post Day. But since many people know the date on which this day is celebrated, we have given below the important dates of World National Day.

Year Date Day Celebrate day
2021 9 October Saturday World Post Day
2022 October Sunday World Post Day
2023 October Monday World Post Day
2024 October Wednesday World Post Day
2025 October Thursday World Post Day

Reasons to love World Post Day

World Post Day is celebrated on October 9 by more than 150 countries around the world. That’s why everyone loves this post day but there are many reasons to love it. And these reasons we have consistently highlighted below.

To stay in touch

If we want to contact someone, we can do so through the postal service. This is why the postal service provides us with quick and efficient information to maintain communication. Suppose I can keep in touch with a relative far away through the postal service.

Post employees deserve dignity

Since we receive services through the postal department to communicate with our loved ones. And this service is carried by any postal workers. This is why postal workers are so important and should be given dignity and qualifications. Because they provide correspondence to protect our valuable communication.

Types of Stamps

There are many types of stamps but we need to know what the types of stamps are and what they are.

  • Airmail stamp.
  • Booklet Stamp- Issued in booklet format.
  • Carrier stamp.
  • Certified mail stamp.
  • Express mail stamp.
  • Local postage stamp.
  • Make stamps.

Three famous ancient post offices in the world

The post office carries the identity of human communication. But today we will introduce you to the three oldest post offices in the world that were established in antiquity and were the first to receive services through the postal department.

  • Penny Black: This is the first stamp issued by the United Kingdom in 1840
  • Want Zurich: This is the second stamp in the world that was first introduced and used by the Swiss government
  • Bulls Eye: This is the third oldest postage stamp in the world that is in Brazil and was introduced by the Brazilian government

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