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Upay Mobile banking offer 2022: Cashback, New account, Send money, Recharge & Bill pay

 Upay is a mobile banking system from United Commercial Bank which is licensed to provide mobile banking services from Bangladesh Bank and it is providing Bangladesh Mobile Banking Services. So there are many ways to offer this service to the users. However, most of the ways have offers for new users so in this article we will tell you in detail about all the offers of the way.

So the way mobile banking is providing many services in a short time. You will be able to receive many more services including sending money using mobile banking features. So let us tell you about all the offers available here. So if you are an Upay user and want to know about the way offer or get it then read our article carefully.

Upay All offer 2021

Currently offers a lot of ways. However, in most Upay the offer is applicable for new users i.e. those who will register new apps, open a new account and cash out. But to get these offers you have to be the way users and the offers have to be eligible. So you can learn about all the offers described below. In this case, you need to know what is currently on offer:

  • Upay New Account offer
  • Upay Cashback offer
  • Upay Recharge offer
  • Upay Bill pay Offer
  • Upay Apps offer
  • Upay Send Money offer
  • Upay Add Money Offer

Upay Apps offer

Upay it offers some offers for new users is the Upay apps offer means those Upay users will download and activate apps in a new Upay. Offer apps the way it has provided an important offer for them. This way you can find out how to get the apps to offer below.

If you log in to the Way app for the first time, you will get a 25 taka welcome bonus and if you recharge 50 taka or more once in the first 7 days after logging in to the first apps, you will get 25 taka bonus again. This way you will get a total bonus of Rs 50 if you log in and recharge apps.

Service Name Upay Offer
Upay apps 50 Tk Welcome Bonus

Way Send Money Offer

The Upay authorities are offering Sand Money for their customers but you need to know how to enjoy the Sand Money offer. However, this offer will be applicable to users of all means. Let us know the details about the Send Money offer.

Service Name Upay Offer
Send Money offer Free ( Account to Accout)

Upay New Account offer

Those new Upay users will get a welcome bonus from the Upay they are. So to get this offer you need to download the app from the app.

Now to get this offer the new user has to open a new account through the Upay app and after opening the account you will get a welcome bonus of Rs 25 or more from the way within the specified time. So the Upay will give you the welcome bonus within the specified time.

Service Name Upay Offer
Upay New Account Offer

Cashback offer of “Upay”

If you are one Upay user then there is a new offer for you that Upay Cashback offer. You must be eligible to receive this Cashback offer. However, this offer will be applicable for new Upay users. So the Upay is constantly providing new Cashback offers for their users. Let’s offer these offers below.

Service Name Upay Offer
Upay Cashback offer

Upay Recharge Offer

The Upay offers of recharge for their users. So this time the Upay is offering recharge for new users. If you want to know what the Upay to offer recharge is, see below.

Service Name Upay Offer
Upay Recharge offer

Bill pay offer Upay

Although the way is new mobile banking, they occasionally offer payments in order to satisfy and benefit their customers. Are you eligible for the offer? .Then pays and enjoys the offer.

Service Name Upay Offer
Upay Bill Pay offer

Add Money Offer

The Upay mobile banking has added a new service is to offer ad money. If you want to know the details about one money offer or you need to know how to get the offer then you can find out from the table below.

Service Name Upay Offer
Upay Add Money offer

Finally, we can say that the way is new mobile banking but is constantly offering one after another for their users. So if you want to enjoy this offer or are eligible for the offer, you need to know and use it to enjoy the offers. Visit our website regularly to find out when, how to

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