Toyez Enterprise All Counter Contact Number, Address and Schedule

Toyez Enterprise is a Chiliping chair Coach. It is the best and Comfortable Coach for Travelers in the North Bengal districts in Bangladesh. There are many Chiliping chair Coaches in this company. This Company head office is in the Nilphamari district.  They have covered the entire route in the north Bengal districts in Bangladesh. They will cover all routes of Bangladesh in turn. So Passengers can travel with enjoy in this bus. This Enterprise Company always tries to provide comfortable and general service to its passengers.

Do you interest to travel on this bus? Then you need to know all information about this bus. Now we will share with you all the counter numbers, addresses, and Schedule of this Enterprise. Below you will get all counter numbers and addresses. Stay with our website and to know all information read our content regularly.

Toyez Enterprise Head office address & Contact number:

The head office address of Toyez Enterprise is Hazi Mohoshin Sarok, Boro Bazar, Ground floor of Brac Bank, Sadar, Nilphamari. Contact number: 01780688682.

Complaint number of Toyez Enterprise:

If you have any complaints about Toyez Enterprise service, Service of staff, Ticket price and any problem, then you can complain about this number. Complaint number:01713740146.

Schedule plan of Toyez Enterprise:

  • Domar(Nilphamari) to Dhaka Route: Domar to Chandura>Sreepur> Baipail>Nabinagar> Saver> Gabtoli> Sokhipur> Mouchak>Konabari>Gazipur chourasta> Moana>Board Bazar> Abdullahpur>Mohakhali.
  • Domar(Nilphamari) to Sylhet Route: Domar to Gabtoli>Narshindi> vourof>Sreemongol> Shayaztagong>Moulovibazar>Sherpur> Sylhet.
  • Domar(Nilphamari) To Chittagong Route: Nilphamari to Chittagong.

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Toyez Ticket number

Toyez Enterprise Schedule and time:

  • Domar (Nilphamari) to Dhaka Bus leave time: Morning: 7.00 am &Evening: 7.00 Pm.
  • Domar (Nilphamari) to Sylhet Bus Leave Time: Every Noon-3.30pm.
  • Domar (Nilphamari) to Chittagong Bus leave time: Every Noon-3.15pm.
  • Sylhet to Nilphamari bus leave time: 6.00 pm.

Nilphamari to Chittagong c

Important place Contact Number:

  • Nilphamari Head office: 01780688682
  • Gabtoli Majar Road Num: 01786719109
  • Rojob Ali Number: 01786719108
  • Abdullahpur Number: 01725303118
  • Sylhet Number: 01304022203
  • Chittagong Number: 01734709690

Nilphamari to Sylhet number

Toyez Bus All Counter Mobile Number and Address:

  • Nilphamari Head office number, Nilphamari:

Mobile: 01780688682

  • Domar Sadar Bus Counter number-Nilphamari:

Mobile: 01763920242

  • Dhorigong bus Counter number, Domar-Nilphamari:

     Mobile: 01725857638

  • Kaligonj bus Counter number, Domar-Nilphamari:

     Mobile: 01772804794

  • Vaulagogj Bus Counter number, Domar-Nilphamari:

      Mobile: 01723640977

  • Bottala bus Counter number, Domar-Nilphamari:


  • Debigonj stand bus Counter number, Panchagarh:

    Mobile: 01887838143

  • Sonahar bus Counter number, Debigonj-Panchagarh:

     Mobile: 01767085298

  • Vobanigong bus Counter number, Nilphamari:

    Mobile: 01740552911

  • Hazigonj Bus Counter number, Nilphamari:

    Mobile: 01772151844

  • Halir bazar stand bus Counter number, Nilphamari:

    Mobile: 01772927764

  • Chilahati Bus Counter number, Domar-Nilphamari:

    Mobile: 01751047707

Textile bazar Counter number, Nilphamari:

  •      Mobile: 01924353166
  •       Mobile: 01718481764
  • Hortotitola bus Counter number, Domar-Nilphamari:

     Mobile: 01738713961

  • Konabari bus Counter number, Dhaka:

     Mobile: 01722225969

  • Mouchak Bus Counter number, Dhaka:

    Mobile: 01785506023

  • Dokan part Bus Counter number, Dhaka:

    Mobile: 01722774003

  • Chandra Bus Counter number, Dhaka:

    Mobile: 01761897028

    Mobile: 01765535150

  • Sreepur bus Counter number, Dhaka:

     Mobile: 01726982231

  • Baipail bus Counter number, Dhaka:

     Mobile: 01997895873

     Mobile: 01745746574

  • Nabinagar bus Counter number, Dhaka:

     Mobile: 01938896496

  • Abdullahpur Bus Counter number, Dhaka:

     Mobile: 01725303115

  • Jirani Bus Counter number, Dhaka:

     Mobile: 01734883471

  • Dhaka office Rojob Ali Market, Gabtoli-Dhaka:

    Mobile: 01786719109

  • Dhaka office Majar Road, Gabtoli-Dhaka:

    Mobile: 01786719108

  • Sylhet bus Counter number, Sylhet
  • (Kodomtoli bus stand Rail station opposite, Jomuna Supermarket)

    Mobile: 01304022203

  • Chittagong bus Counter number, Chittagong:

    (Olongkar mor, Chittagong)

     Mobile: 01734709690

Finally, we have highlighted all Counter contact numbers, addresses, and all information about this Bus. if you have any questions on this topic. Please comment on the below box. we reply as soon as possible.

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