Top 10 College in Dinajpur Board

Top 10 Colleges in Dinajpur Board 2023

Welcome to the Top 10 Colleges in Dinajpur Board in Bangladesh. Now we will share with you Top colleges in Dinajpur with their educational system, results, and more info. There are many Govt & Non-Govt colleges in Dinajpur Board. In this article, we will find the top 10 colleges among the whole colleges in the Dinajpur board. We wish that this top 10 college will help you. Here is the given below top 10 colleges list.

Top 10 Colleges Name in Dinajpur Board 2021:

  1. Syedpur Government Technical College, Syedpur.
  2. Cantonment Public School and College, Rangpur.
  3. Rangpur Government College, Rangpur.
  4. Cantonment Public School and College, Syedpur
  5. Police Lines School and College, Rangpur.
  6. Carmichael College, Rangpur.
  7. Dinajpur Govt College.
  8. Nilphamari Government college, Nilphamari.
  9. Thakurgaon Government College, Thakurgaon.
  10. Ghaibandha Government college, Ghaibandha.
  1. Syedpur Government Technical College, Syedpur.

Saidpur Government Technical College is a leading College in the Dinajpur Board of Bangladesh. Saidpur (Nilphamari District) Government Technical College was founded in 1897 and Established in 1964.

Saidpur tecnical college
Saidpur tecnical college
  • Address:  Saidpur 5310.
  • Phone:     05526-72240
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Category: Educational Institute
  • Location: Saidpur Upazila
  • Tag:        Technical College
  1. Cantonment Public School and College, Rangpur.

Rangpur Cantonment School and College is a high-performance college in Rangpur of Bangladesh. The history of Cantonment Public School & College can be traced to 1977. This institute has begun in 1978, College Section in 1981 and Degree Level in 1995. The institution started functioning in 1978 from nursery to class VI. Later on, it extended up to class X in 1980 and the students first appeared in the S.S.C examination of 1982.

Rangpur cantonment school and college

  • Established: 1978
  • Number of Students: 4000+
  • Website:
  1. Rangpur Government College, Rangpur.

Rangpur Government College is a renowned educational institution in Rangpur, Bangladesh. It was established on July 25, 1963. It becomes a government college on November 1, 1984. It came under Bangladesh National University in 1993.

Rangpur govt college

  • Type                     Public
  • Established in:    1963
  • Location              Rangpur, Bangladesh
  • Affiliations          National University
  • Website    
  1. Cantonment Public School and College, Syedpur

Saidpur Cantonment Public school and College was founded in 1979.

Saidpur Cantonment college

  • Address: Saidpur Cantonment Saidpur – Parbatipur Rd Saidpur 5310
  • Phone: 01733-017120
  • Website:
  • Category:  Educational Institute
  • Location:  Saidpur Upazila
  • Tag:  College, School
  1. Police Lines School and College, Rangpur.

Police Lines School and College is a non-government educational institution in Rangpur. It was established in 1986.

pulice line school and college

  • Address: Police Line Road, Rangpur 5400
  • Phone: 0521-63532
  • Principal: K. M. Jalal Uddin Akbar
  • Founded: 1986.
  1. Carmichael College, Rangpur.

Carmichael College is an educational institution in Rangpur. It was established on 10 November 1916 and founder man Thomas David Baron Carmichael of Skirling. From the beginning, the college was under Calcutta University. It is then nationalized on 1 July 1963. Then in 1992, it came under Bangladesh National University.

Carmichal college

  • Address: College Road, Rangpur 5400
  • Phone Landline: 0521-62159
  • Mobile: 01713-722548
  • Founded: 1916
  • Affiliation: National University, Bangladesh
  • Principal: Professor Dr. Sheikh Anwar Hossain
  • Total Students: 2500 +
  1. Dinajpur Govt College.

Dinajpur Government College is a government college located in Dinajpur. The library of Dinajpur College was established in 1841.

Dinajpur college logo

  • Address: N508, Dinajpur 5200
  • Phone: 0531-63360
  • Founded: 1942
  1. Nilphamari Government college, Nilphamari.

Nilphamari Govt. College is a leading College in the District of Nilphamari. This college was established in 1958.

nilphamari govt college

  • Address: Hospital Rd, Nilphamari 5300, Bangladesh
  • Phone: +880 551-61510
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Category:  Educational Institute
  • Location:  Nilphamari Sadar
  • Tag:  College
  • Thakurgaon Government College, Thakurgaon.

Thakurgaon Government College is an honors-level degree college in Thakurgaon. The college was established in 1959. On 8 June 1959. The total number of students is 11,101 with H.S.C, Honor’s, Degree.

Thakurgaon college

  • Former names: Thakurgaon Degree College
  • Type:     Government College
  • Established:        1959
  • Students:             11,101 (September-2013)
  • Location:             Thakurgaon, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  • Affiliations:         National University
  • Website:    

10.Ghaibandha Government college, Ghaibandha.

Address: Ghaibandha Government college. Code: 5700

ghaibandha college logo

  • Phone: 01705-875098
  • Founded: 1947

Here is the given of top list College.  you can choose college from this list.

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