Student Unique ID Form PDf file download 2022 for School & College

The current government has announced that all eligible students will need to establish a new database. To this end, the Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics has started collecting student data, meaning that each student will have his own ID card. For this, students can download the unit forms online. So the PDF form of School Student ID will be attached to our site so that you can download the form quickly.

Although previously the process for creating a Eustuden Unique ID was complicated, now the process has been made easier so that students can complete and submit the required school forms with the required documents. So if you want to know the details of creating a unique ID then read our article carefully.

Bangladesh Official Notice and Necessary Information for Unique ID

Benbeis has already published a notification for registration of unique student ID numbers on their official website. For this, the students have to fill up the form to create a unique ID from the school or college properly and submit the required documents. The notice provided by Benbase is attached below:

Student Unique ID downloads 2021

Unique ID Form 2021 Download PDF For Student Do you want to download Unique ID Form. To do this, you first need to go to Benbase’s website and open your Word Processing Program file. Then download the form. However, after you enter the program, fill in the information you need and save and download the file. Lastly, you submit your form Lastly you submit your form to the class teacher.

Student Unique ID requirements

You need to know the information needed to fill out a unique ID form. And to follow these necessary instructions we have to follow the instructions given on this site.

  • The student will need two passport size color photos and write the full name on the back of the photo
  • Photocopy of student appreciation letter should be given
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother is required

Student Unique ID form – IEIMS –


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