SSC Short Syllabus 2022 | New Syllabus PDF Download All Subjects 2022

Meanwhile, the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released a short syllabus for the 2022 SSC candidates. Due to the Corona situation, classes and examinations are not possible properly as the school is closed throughout the year The SSC students of 2022 have decided to take the exam through a short syllabus and the syllabus has already been published on the secondary official website.

So the syllabus of all the sections of SSC candidates is included in T. If you are an SSC candidate for the year 2022, then it is very important for you to collect the syllabus. So you can easily collect the syllabus by visiting this article.

SSC Short Syllabus Notification 2022

Classes at all educational institutions have been closed since March 2020 due to the situation. Since it is not possible for SSC students to take the exam through the full syllabus, the Ministry of Education has already decided that the students will take the exam in 2022 through a short syllabus. So here is the short syllabus attached.

How to download SSC short syllabus

Are you a 2022 student? If you want to get samba to download the short syllabus of 2022 then come to our website you can easily download the syllabus.

  • Firstly, visit
  • Secondly, Click on SSC Level Notice.
  • Then, Download the ZIP File.
  • Finally, unzip the file and download the PDF File.

SSC Short Syllabus 2022 All Subjects Here

Below is the SSC Short Syllabus 2022 all subject syllabuses attached so that you can easily view and download the syllabus.

  1. SSC_Bangla 1 2022
  2. SSC_Bangla 2 2022
  3. SSC_English 1 2022
  4. SSC_English 2 2022
  5. SSC_Math-2022
  6. 6.ICT_SSC_2022
  7. SSC_Chemistry-2022
  8. SSC_Higher math-2022
  9. SSC_Physics-2022
  10. SSC_Biology-2022
  11. SSC_Bangladesh and Global Studies-2022
  12. SSC_Science-2022
  13. SSC_Economics-2022
  14. SSC_Civics-2022
  15. SSC_History-2022
  16. SSS_Geography & Environment 2022
  17. SSC_Accounting 2022
  18. SSC_ Business Ent. 2022
  19. SSC_Finance 2022
  20. SSC_Agriculture 2022
  21. SSC_ Home Science 2022
  22. SSC_Arts & Crafts-2022
  23. SSC_Career Education-2022
  24. SSC_Physical Education- 2022
  25. SSC_Islam and moral education- 2022
  26. SSC_Hindu Religion and Moral Education-2022
  27. SSC_Chirstian and Moral Education- 2022
  28. SSC_Buddhist Religion and Moral Education-2022
  29. SSC_Arabic-2022
  30. SSC_Sanskrit 2022
  31. SSC_Pali-2022
  32. SSC_Sangeet-2022


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