Shyamoli Paribahan 2022: All counter phone number, Location and Online ticket

Shyamoli Paribahan is one of the best bus services for travelers in the whole of Bangladesh. It has luxury air condition and non air condition chair coaches. This bus counter has in every place in Bangladesh. There is enough bus from this company. Passengers can travel with enjoying this Bus. They have covered the entire route in all districts in Bangladesh.

Below you will get all counter Phone numbers, Location,s, and online tickets. This bus company always tries to provide comfortable and general service to its passengers. If Shyamoli Paribahan changes their counter phone number and location at any time, we will update the news ad in the instant.

Shyamoli call center and Email:

Please call any problem for Shyamoli Paribahan.

+8801714517373, 02-9127698. EXT-107

Dhaka division All counter phone number

Gabtoli Majar road Counter number-Dhaka: 02-9011100

Gabtoli Counter-3 number-Dhaka: 01865068925

Gabtoli Counter-5 number-Dhaka: 02-9014359

Gabtoli Counter-6 number-Dhaka: 02-9014561

Gabtoli NS Counter number-Dhaka: 01865068924

Gabtoli VIP Counter number-Dhaka: 02-9002624

Technical –Gabtoli Counter phone number-Dhaka: 01865068922

Asad gate counter phone number-Dhaka: 01714619173. Tell: 02-8124881, 02-9124514

Kollyanpur-1 Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-8091161

Kollyanpur-2 Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-9003331, 02-8034275, 02-8360241, and 02-8091162

Kalyanpur office, South Kalyanpur 12, Mirpur Road-Dhaka: 01716478951, 02-9003331

Arambagh Counter phone number-Dhaka:  +8802-7194291, 02-71922215, 02-7193915

Kolabagan Counter phone number-Dhaka: +8802-9141047, 01711-130862

Sayedabad Counter-1 phone number-Dhaka: 02-7541336

Sayedabad Counter-3 phone number-Dhaka: 02-7550071

Sayedabad Counter-4 phone number-Dhaka: 02-7541249

Sayedabad Counter-7 phone number-Dhaka: 02-7541953

Uttara Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-7541249, 02-7914336

Malibag Counter phone number-Dhaka: 01865068927

Fakirapul counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-7193725

KP BRTC Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-8091183

NORDA Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-55050218

Abdullahpur Counter phone number-Dhaka: 01865068930

Panthapath office, Russell Square bends phone: 02-9102082, 01711040881

Panthapath Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-9112327

Panthapath office (Russell Square bend) phone number-Dhaka: 02-9102082, 01711040881

Kamalpur Counter phone number-Dhaka: 02-48316246

BRTC Bus Depot, Kamalpur Counter-Dhaka: 02-58312094, 02-49353882

Chittagong division All Counter Phone Number

Chattogram Near-BRTC office Phone number: 01712-585071

Chattogram BRTC -1 Counter phone number:  031-2866025

Chattogram BRTC-2 Counter phone number:  31-2866024

Chattogram Baized counters phone number: 01999-794905

Chattogram Dampara AC phone number: 01711-371405, 01911-797140, 031-2866022, 031-286623

Chattogram Colonel Hat Counter phone number:  01740-997980

Chattogram Station road counters phone number: 031-2866026

Chattogram Alangkar counters phone number: 01875-098707

Chattogram AK khan counters phone number: 031-43150005

Chattogram Banapole offices counter number: 01724777260

Sylhet division All counter phone number

Kadamtali No 1 Counter phone number: 01716-036687

Kadamtali No. 2 Counter phone number: 01726-6870244

Suburban counters phone number: 01913-032228

Humayun Rashid Chatar phone number: 0447-8880907

Mazar Gate counters phone number: 01792-875375

Other district counters phone number:

Bogra Shathmatha:              Bogra Thonthonia AC:      Rangpur offices counter:

Phone: 01712-29266                  Phone:01712-900117                Phone: 01720498202

 Saidpur office:                     Dinajpur office:                   Joypurhat counter:
01716-586058                             01819120884                             01712609662

Rajshahi office:                       Kurigram Burimari                  Jhenaidah District:

01711-317318                              01716-061774                             01711-265265

 Chapai Nabab Ganj           Chuadanga district:            Meherpur District:   
Phone: 0781-61834                  01963-146448                            01717-385192

 Kushtia office                      Khakrasuri District:           Coxsbazar terminal booking:
Phone: 01711-942709              01812-059582                             01733-144914

 Narayanganj Counter       Coxs Bazar sea place                  Bandarban District:
P: 0671-7642882,                      01731-629200                           0361-62560

Moulvibazar District:


In the conclusion, we wish that you can know Shyamoli Paribahan’s all counter numbers and update information. Dear visitors, we always try to add all update information and feature to this site. If you have any questions about Shyamoli Paribahan, kindly comment in the below box. We reply as soon as possible. A lot of thanks for you stay with us for a long time.

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