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Happy New Year 2028. There are various mediums for celebrating the New Year, one of which is a very nice medium. Today we have collected some nice to celebrate the significant festival of Boishakh here. You can fill in the messages to your friends, loved ones, family members and office colleagues, and younger siblings and share the joy of the first Baishakh celebration.

So moreover you can share the messages directly on various social media including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and WhatsApp, and give everyone a chance to celebrate the first Baishakh. You can send different messages to wish people near and far in the new year. This post has been arranged with all of them. Shubho

Pohela Boishakh 1428

“Kee bhorsa achhe…
Battery -r
Charger -er
Network -er
Balance -er
Shuvo Noboborsho

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Shuvo Noboborsho SMS Bangla 1428 (2021)

ektu alo ektu adhar
batas gulo nodir buke dicche satar.
kichu dukkho kichu sukh
sobcheye sundor ei banglar mukh.
bangla borsher podarpone,
eso sanito hoi nobo prane.

panta ilish ar vorta vaji bangalir pran,
notun bochore sobai gaibo boisakher gan,
eso he boisakha eso eso, shuvo noboborshow.

notun surjo notu gan,
notun shur notun prann.
notu ushae notun aloo,
notuun bochor katuk valo,
katu bishad asuk horsho,
shubo hok noboborsho.


nishi oboshan pray oi puraton borsho hoy goto
ami aji dhuli tole jirno korilam noto.
bondhu hou shotru hou jekhane je roto,
kkhoma koro ajiker motoo.
puraton bochorer sathe puraton oporadh joto,
hordom hoi hoi, oi elo oi, kolar patay ilish panta.
ishan kone mehger barta.
shuvo nobobosrho.

baul ganer sandho tale notun boshor eseche ghure,
udashi hawar shure shure ranga matir pothti jhure.
Shuvo nobobosrho.

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