Rajdhani Express Paribahan All Counter Number, Location, Fare List & Sehedule

Rajdhani Express Paribahan is a popular and affordable transport service in Bangladesh, which operates on various routes through different districts of South Bengal and is provided by SA Paribahan service. The car is a shiny, modern model, the seating arrangement is very advanced. Due to all these facilities, many passengers are interested in traveling regularly and want to collect the address and mobile number of the counter they need.

According to the demand of the passengers, today we have attached the names and mobile numbers of all the counters including the area-based address of all the counters of all the districts of Rajdhani Paribahan so that the passengers can collect it very easily. Let’s take a look at the details.

Rajdhani transport routes:

Rajdhani Paribahan operates regularly on different routes through different districts of South Bengal. There are many new students who want to know about the diseases in transportation and want to travel on the necessary routes. The routes are listed below for their convenience.

Dhaka To Panti > Kacerkol > Kumarkhali > Shoilkopa.

Rajdhani transport counters and mobile numbers

The names, addresses, and mobile numbers of the counters are given below in order to complete all the routes through which the transport of the capital operates through all the districts.

Counters and mobile numbers in the Dhaka region

Passengers from the Dhaka region will be able to travel to different parts of the country by booking tickets from the transport counter at the Gabtoli bus stand in Dhaka. If you want to know the address, name and mobile number of this counter, you can collect it from here.

Counter Address Counter Mobile Number
Gabtali Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01851130698.

Kushtia district counter and mobile number

If the residents of the Kushtia district want to book tickets from any of the counters in Kushtia or collect the addresses and mobile numbers of the counters, then the addresses and mobile numbers of the counters are provided below.

Counter Address Counter Mobile Number
Panty Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01992865530.
Kacherkol Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01927634561.
Jadubayara Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01722233322.
Lahini Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01737085296.
Kumarkhali Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01723979378.
Khoksa Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01936182740.
Machpara Counter, Kushtia District Phone: 01713542734.
Pangsha Counter, Kushtia District Phone: 01853889185.
Laxmipur Counter, Kushtia District Phone: 01739630150.
Garaganj Counter, Kushtia District Phone: 01721755536.
Bittipara Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01721158836.
Vadalia Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01921482286.
Majampur Bus Station Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01759895508.
Bheramara Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01790218670.
Sheikhpara Counter, Kushtia District, Phone: 01721391760.

Ticket Price:

Although this transport is popular, its fare is much lower than other modes and the customer service is promising. So there are no passengers complaining about the fare of this transport. Even then many people want to know how much is the fare of this transport and how much is the fare of any hotel from a distance. That’s why today we will provide the fare list for all routes here so that passengers can easily see from here

Terms and Conditions

  • Passengers must arrive at the ticket counter 15 minutes before leaving the car
  • Passengers will not be allowed to carry any type of drugs or weapons during the journey
  • Students have to take care of their bags and belongings
  • Passengers must keep their luggage and receive tokens
  • If a passenger wants to book a ticket in advance, there is an opportunity
  • However, if a passenger wants to cancel a ticket, he/she must inform 6 hours in advance and 10% of the ticket price will be deducted.
  • In addition, the authorities will provide several more facilities including water supply and tissue supply

Above all, it can be said that capital transport is one of the most important and affordable transport. It runs regularly through the above districts. To date, no passengers have complained about this transport. These transport authorities have been providing services for a long time with utmost sincerity. In order to cater to the needs of many passengers, we have attached addresses and mobile numbers at all the counters in the above district so that passengers can easily get out of the counters.

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