Pohela Falgun 2022 Wishes, Message, SMS, Images, Pic & Wallpaper

Happy Bosonto 2022: Pohela Falgun 2022 Images, SMS, Wishes, Greetings for Family, Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend. The Brihattam collection for the first Falgun festival of 2022 is presented here. Pahela Falgun is New Year’s Day for Bengalis and this year Pahela Falgun will be celebrated on 14th April. Every year this day is celebrated by the Bengalis as Pahela Falgun i.e. New Year All the Bengali people of the world are waiting for this day. So today we have added Pahela Falgun’s greetings, wallpapers, pics, and many more for the Bengali festival. Let’s download all these additions to celebrate Pahela Falgun.

Pohela Falgun Images 2022

Pohela Boishakh is a happy day for the Ngali nation. Because Bengali New Year starts with this day. And Bengalis want to celebrate this New Year very much. That’s why you want to get Pahela Falgun’s image, SMS, and greetings. And if you want, please visit our website for a free download. We’ve added many images, SMS for the New Year here. So you can download all these SMS, images.

Wishes of  Pohela Falgun 2022

If you are a Bengali, you can send greetings to your family members, friends, and relatives by collecting greetings from our website. And for this greeting, you can find many means or ideas to wish the New Year through the internet but greetings are one of them. So through a simple and readily available greeting online greeting.

So today we have provided a lot of good wishes for Pahela Falgun on our website through which you can send greetings to your friends and well-wishers by translating them into any language.

Dhoroni Aj Uthibe Shaji

Moner Dokhin Dar khule debo Aji

Matal Hobo shukhe ajke ononto

Sharthok Hobe Fagun, Sharthok Boshonto

Shokal Bela Ghum theke uthe jei melechi akhi

Shamne jakey dekhchi sejon sei tumi naki?

Bashonti Rong Sharite aj lagche oporupa

Khola chule Joba fule Bedhecho oi khopa.

Koto boshonto ashe,

Koto chole jay.

R Koto kokoil poth hareye

Kontho themey jay obolilay.

Shudu ami kothao jete parlam na

Tomak chere kotthao na.

Bosonto Greetings Pohela Falgun 2022

Are you a Bengali? Would you like to say Greeting to Pahela Falgun? Therefore, the best way to send greetings to Falgun is the SMS method, so you can visit our website and collect greetings SMS method to send greetings to your friends and loved ones on the first day of Boishakh.

From our website you can receive greeting SMS through which you can wish your loved ones on the first Baishakh.

Boshonto Mash Valobashai Vorpur

Tumi r ami ghurbo shara dupur.

Boshonter ful guje debo tomar khopay

Valobashar etai to shera somoy.

Shokal Bela Ghum theke uthe jei melechi akhi

Shamne jakey dekhchi sejon sei tumi naki?

Bashonti Rong Sharite aj lagche oporupa

Khola chule Joba fule Bedhecho oi khopa.

Fol fotok na fotok

aj basanta

shan badano fotpathe

pathore pa dobia ek katkhotta gass

koci koci patay pajor fatia


fol fotok

aj basanta

Pohela Falgun SMS 2022

Another medium of the first Falgun festival of Bengalis is through SMS. Are you looking for Pahela Falgun’s SMS? .So we have added a huge number of Pahela Falgun’s SMS on our website which is very inspiring and fun. That’s why you can use such SMS to wish Pahela Falgun.

Let’s take a look at the first Falgun Inspirational SMS. So download and check all these SMS for free from our website

bosonter rong chapiyeche ekul
amer mukule vromor khacche dul
sobaike falguner suveccha.

ekti kobita, ekti polah, ekti kokil
tumi ar ami sob miliye aj bosonto.

bosonter agomone kokiler shur
grismer agomone rodela dupur
borsar agomone sada kashful
ei dupure tomake dekhte mon holo bekul.

Pahela Falgun Pic 2022

Peek is another fun way to greet Pahela Falgun. Do you want to greet your loved ones through the peak? So let’s easily check and download the pics on our website. And as a means of greeting all the peaks of Pahela Baishakh on 14th April, give a gift to your loved one.

HD Piture for Pohela Falgun:

Today we have talked a lot about the picture of Pahela Falgun here. However, if you want, you can download HD images of Pahela Falgun from our store, and here I have provided a link to download a Pahela Falgun HD image and you can easily download images by clicking this link.

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