Pohela Boishakh 2022: Origin, History, Importance, Culture & Facts

Pohela Boishakh: Pahela Boishakh is a popular, ancient, and most important festival for the Ngali nation. Appears among the Bengalis once a year. And this is the first day of the Bengali New Year in the Bengali calendar which is known as Pahela Boishakh. We know from history that Pahela Boishakh has become the heart of the entire Bengali-speaking people irrespective of color, religion, and race. So the history of the celebration of Pohela Boishakh is very old. Therefore, the first Baishakh has become a traditional and lavish festival for the Bengali nation.

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When is Poila Boishakh/Pohela Boishakh 2021?

Every year, the first Baishakh appears among the Bengalis. That is why Bengalis are waiting for the day to come. Now the thing to know is on what date in 2021 when will the first Baishakh be celebrated ?. Bengalis will welcome the holy Boishakh on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. However, we can say that according to the non-solar calendar, the first Boishakh is the first day of the month of Boishakh.

Pohela Boishakh History & Significant

Pohela Boishakh History: Poyla Boishakh or Pohela Boishakh are both one word. Pahela Boishakh is the first day of Boishakh, the first month of the Bengali calendar. This day is called Bengali New Year. This day is a traditional day of the Bengali nation. The Bengali year is welcomed through this day. The day is celebrated in English on April 14 in Bangladesh and April 15 in India. This day is celebrated in West Bengal, India with a special festival called New Year. Bengalis living in Tripura, India also participate in this festival. Considering this, this day is recognized as a universal folk festival of Bengalis.

Mughal Emperor Akbar collected taxes for the administration of the kingdom during his reign from 1556 to 1509. During his reign, the economy became completely dependent on agriculture. He then decided and for implementation, he created a new calendar for the collection of taxes from people who were completely dependent on agricultural products. And the name of this calendar was the Bengali calendar and the first day of the calendar was known as Pahela Boishakh.

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Aspects & Activities of Pahela Baishakh:

How is Pahela Baishakh celebrated?

Pahela Baishakh Celebration: The first day of the Bengali month of Baishakh is celebrated as Pahela Baishakh. This day is the first day of the Bengali year. Different types of traders open new books on this day. Which is known as Halkhata? The Bengalis became meet in the festival of rural Bengal. Panta, the ancient food of Bengal, is eaten on this day. Panta and Hilsa seem to have become a part of today’s culture.

Various fairs are celebrated in rural areas. Various fairs are also organized in the open spaces of the city. The common thing observed in these fairs is the dress of Bengali women. In red and white sari, Bengali women become more beautiful and attractive. But the boys do not lag behind. Variety can also be seen in their clothes. They also make themselves attractive in beautiful white-red Punjabi. In the end, it can be said that this day highlights the tradition of Bengal.

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Pahela Boishakh Parade

The glorious festival of the Bengalis, Pahela Boishakh, is celebrated in various ways. The first Baishakh is celebrated through parrots. Events are organized throughout the day following the cultural festivals of Bangladesh. Potala Boishakh is celebrated through various traditional works of art including a parade in the morning and parade in the afternoon, live music, dance performance, song performance, and poetry recitation.

Pahela Boishakh Fair

14th February 1st Boishakh. And on the occasion of this first Baishakh, various fairs are organized all over the country. And these fairs are organized with everything from different types of toys. On this day everyone from children to teenagers goes to the fair and do some shopping.

Pahela Boishakh Alpana

On the day of Poyla Boishakh, Bengalis celebrate Poyla Boishakh through Alpana. On this day, children, teenagers, and painters are all the colors on the streets The first Baishakh is celebrated through drawing. In celebration of Pahela Baishakh, they celebrate Pahela Baishakh by drawing signs of Pahela Baishakh in every street of the country.

Pahela Boishakh Halkhata

Bengalis lightly celebrate the holy Baishakh through it. So they think that on the first day of Baishakh, they have to pay the business account and start the business anew. So Bengali traders promise to open new accounts by paying business accounts.

Pahela Boishakh  Sports

On the first day of the Bengali year, Pahela Baishakh is celebrated and sports are organized on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh. In endangered parks and open fields, they organize sports to celebrate the first Baishakh and enjoy the day.

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