Pakistan Independence Day 2021: History, image, Quotes, day and details news

Pakistan Independence Day 14 August 2021: The Republic of Pakistan (Pakistan) Independence Day is on 14 August 2021. Every year the independent day Pakistan celebrates 14 August in Pakistan because on this day in the past 1947 of Pakistan’s independence. Before 1947 year, Pakistan and India are living gather under the British government. After a long time by the strike ruler of Pakistan and India British Government have to distribute to Pakistan and India officially.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who is considered by many as Pakistan’s founder and Quad-E-Azam (supreme leader), and at least it, gets independent Pakistan. Now we will share with you Pakistan’s independent date, history, and more news.

Pakistan Independent day is a Public Holiday:

Independent is a Public day of Pakistan. It is an off day for the general people by the Pakistan government. On that day all educational institutes and all offices are closed and all people are celebrating the independence of Pakistan.

14 august happy independence day

Symbols of Pakistan:

The official colors of Pakistan are white and Green. Within two colors are the green represents the Muslim majority in Pakistan and white stripe represents religious minorities.

When is the Independence of Pakistan?

Every Independent country has an Independent day. Therefore, Pakistan has also an independent day which is celebrating on 14 August every year. Here are the given lists of Pakistan’s independent days.

Year Day Date
2020 Friday 14 August
2021 Saturday 14 August
2022 Sunday 14 August
2023 Monday 14 August
2024 Wednesday 14 August

When is the National Pakistan Independent Day?

The nation of Pakistan is observed by the people of Pakistan and it is celebrated annually on 14Th August. On this day (14 August) in 1947, Pakistan became independent from British rule that as known as the Republic of Pakistan.

History of Pakistan Independent day:

India and Pakistan were Subcontinent remained as a British Colony from 1849-1947. Then Pakistan was a part of the colony of Indian since the 18th century. Pakistan was a colony as the first part of the East India Company and was a colony as the second part of the British Indian Empire. In 1947, the act of independence created the “Dominion of Pakistan” which covered two different geographic areas known as East and West Pakistan. Viceroy Louis Mountbatten was a proposal for independence in 1947. As a result, India and Pakistan have happened independently at midnight between 14 August and 15 August 1947 which is why the tradition in Pakistan has been independent to celebrate the 14th August.

happy independence day 14 august 2020

How is Pakistan Independent celebrated?

People of Different countries observe their independent days in many ways. So we will share with you about the Pakistan independent day.

This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity and is observed in much the same way as Pakistan Day.

The day will start with a 31 gun salute in the federal and 21 gun salute at the provincial capitals. In Islamabad, at 9:59 am a siren will be sounded and the traffic will come to a standstill for one minute. Then the president will raise the national flag accompanied by the national anthem. The president will then address the nation on the occasion.

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