Pahela Boishakh Wishes | Bangla New year Wishes | Bangla Nôbobôrsho wishes

Pahela Boishakh or Poyla Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali year. This year, the holy Boishakh falls on 14th April. Holy Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. So everyone celebrates this day with new clothes, sweets, halakhata. You can make your day even more enjoyable by greeting your loved ones.

We are collecting you Baishakh greeting messages, pictures that you can use to greet your friends and loved ones. You can send emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and more. You can also upload Pahela Boishakh images for your friend’s greetings using the Facebook platform.

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Pahela Boishakh Wish

  • May 14th April 1st New Year Bring Peace, Joy, and Prosperity in Your Life – Happy New Year
  • I wish you a happy and prosperous life on the occasion of the first New Year – the first New Year
  • I wish you to fill your life with new taste with the freshness of new mango in the first new year – Happy Bengali New Year
  • Happy New Year with new sunrise and new adventures in every life – Happy New Year
  • You can leave your worries and frustrations behind and welcome the future-Happy New Year to you and your family.
  • Mark the new year with new thinking consciousness then it will be a welcome day – Happy Bengali New Year

Bangla New year Wish

  1. I wish you a great holy Baishakh because I pray that all the hopes of your life will be fulfilled in this new year – Happy New Year
  2. May the first Baishakh bring peace and prosperity to all your family – Happy New Year
  3. Happy New Year, I wish you happiness, contentment, peace, and full of tradition for the rest of your life.
  4. Happy New Year 2026 Wishing you a happy and fulfilling year
  5. Pohela Boishakh- May the peace of love be filled with hope and joy I wish I will fill my life with the new year
  6. Happy Baishakhi to all my friends and loved ones because you can get a lot of love and respect this Happy New Year
  7. Happy Holy Boishakh – May this day be full of life

Bangla Nôbobôrsho wish

  • May all the hopes of your life be fulfilled and start with this happy new year
  • Happy First Boishakh – I wish you a great, prosperous, and bad Baishakhi morning
  • Happy New Year I wish every friend of my life to enjoy good health, prosperity, and happiness at all times
  • Happy Holy Boishakh – Celebrate Happy New Year and start the habit of embracing the future life
  • Happy New Year, hug your friends, forgive your enemies, and wish them a happy future – Happy New Year

Pahela Boishakh HD Image, Photos & Wallpaper

Today we have attached some HD image photo wallpapers of Happy Poyala Boishakh which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and social media with your loved ones and friends on the occasion of Bengali New Year.

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