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NRB Commercial Bank Limited is a fourth-generation private commercial bank that has started its commercial activities in April 2013 through the Principal Branch. The bank started the activities of Agent Banking on 12th December 2016 to bring the poorest masses in remote areas to banking services. The main objective of introducing agent banking is to employ and provide banking services to those who do not have access to banking services in remote areas. Ila Dibben was the first to inaugurate Agent Banking on 6 May 2018 at Amtali Bazar, Vijayanagar Upazila, Brahmanbaria District, and Baraibari Bazar, Kaliakair Upazila, Gazipur District.

The bank has so far provided a total of 316 Outlets in 66 Upazilas in 29 districts through which banking activities will be provided. Banking services will be provided through agent banking which will be contracted to operate any third-party bank account with the bank instead of the cashier and the banking transaction account open by Taylor through the outlet will handle other activities. So today we will share with you the details of all the activities of NRB Bank’s Agent Banking Services including Transaction Limit, Transaction Charge, ATM Card, and Outlet.

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Helpline Number of Agent Banking (NRBC)

NRB Bank has a helpline service for agent banking services. So if you are a customer of Agent Banking of this bank then you can call the helpline number at any time 24 hours 7 days to solve any problem about Agent Banking and call Agent Banking to solve any service.

  • E-mail:;
  • Web:;
  • 24 hours Call Center: 09666456000 or, 16568.

Like every commercial bank, NRB Bank Agent Banking has its own logo. This logo is attached here which you can download and save from here.

Outlet Map of Agent Banking

All the districts and Upazilas of NRB Bank which have agent banking outlets are identified in the map. Below is a map that allows you to find and identify agent banking outlets.

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Services of NRBBL Agent Banking

An agent may provide any of the following services as may be specifically agreed between it and the bank:

  • Cash deposit and cash withdrawal;
  • Inward foreign remittance disbursement;
  • Disbursement and repayment of loans;
  • Collections of bills/utility bills;
  • Collection of insurance premium;
  • Payment of retirement and social benefits;
  • Payment of salaries;
  • Transfer of funds;
  • Balance inquiry;
  • Generation and issuance of mini bank statements;
  • Collection of documents in relation to accounts;
  • Collect account opening forms, loan application forms, credit and debit card applications;
  • Monitoring and recovery of loans and advances sanctioned by the bank; and
  • Any other activity as Bangladesh Bank may prescribe from time to time.

Transaction Limit of Agent Banking Accounts:

If you are a customer of NRB Bank’s Agent Banking then you need to have Agent Banking Transaction Limit. So it is very important to know how many days, months, and years the agent can transact in the banking customer account and how much money. And we have linked this information to our website which will help you in the transaction. Let’s find out the transaction.

Daily Number of Transactions and Amount Limit

Cash Deposits/Cash in

Nature of Accounts No. of transactions Total Volume
Current Account 4 6.00
Savings Account 2 4.00
Special Notice Deposit (SND) 4 6.00


Daily Number of Transactions and Amount Limit

Cash withdrawal/Cash out

Nature of Accounts No. of transactions Total Volume
Current Account 2 5.00
Savings Account 2 3.00
Special Notice Deposit (SND) 2 3.00


Daily Number of Transactions and Amount Limit


Nature of Accounts No. of transactions Total Volume
Current Account 4 15.00
Savings Account 2 5.00
Special Notice Deposit (SND) 4 10.00

NRB Bank Agent Banking Career

Everyone wants to build his career. This requires a good job, but getting a job has become like a golden deer. If you are a qualified candidate then visit our website regularly and collect job news in NRB Bank.

To get job news in NRB Bank you need to first access the website of this bank- Then click on Career Options at the top of the website. Then when the job page opens you will see the name of the preferred post. Then click on the post. When the page opens, you need to fill in all the biodata and click on the required website.

Customer Service & Complaint Management Cell

Central Customer Service & Complaints Management Cell (CCS & CMC)

  • Head of Central Customer Service & Complaints Management Cell
  • Phone: +8809666456380
  • Email:


  • Member
  • Phone: +8809666456430
  • Email:


  • Member
  • Phone: +8809666456380
  • Email:


  • Member
  • Phone: +8809666456406
  • Email:

For more information, please contact:

NRBC Bank Agent Banking Agent Outlets list (All)

Here is the given all agent outlets list in Bangladesh. So you can collect here all outlet names, numbers, and addresses.

Agent Banking Agent Outlet list ( Click)

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