North Macedonia Independence Day 2022: History, Importance, Significance, Time, Date, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

North Macedonia Independence Day is celebrated on the 8 of September every year. The date celebrates the 1991 Referendum for Independence. North Macedonia got freedom from Yugoslavia rule on this special date 8th September. This day is very important to the Macedonia citizen. They are proud of themselves for this day. They celebrate this day in various activities every year.

Now we will share with you Macedonia Independence Day date, time, history, significance, important, quotes, wishes, messages, wallpaper, Greeting, and More.

          Is it a Public day of Macedonia Independence Day?

The 8th of September of Macedonia is a very important day for their people. This day is a holiday in Macedonia. It is an off day for the general people. Schools, Colleges, and most of the business places are closed this Day.

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          What do people do on Independence Day?

As freedom is a fundamental human right, this is a victory day of the Macedonia people. Macedonia people will celebrate that sees parades give with flowers to the freedom fighter, and with some waving the Ukrainian flag. Here are the given some other independence day events include-

  • Fireworks
  • Outdoor exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Free public markets and fairs.
  • Circuses
  • Sporting events

             Symbols of Macedonia

When Macedonia people celebrate the dependence day, they show their country’s flag. Symbols are the Vergina sun and the proposed coat of arms of North Macedonia.

North Macedonia independence Day feature Image

           Macedonia Independent Celebration Date at a Glance

Year Date Day Holiday
2020 8 September Tuesday National Holiday
2021 8 September Wednesday National Holiday
2022 8 September Thursday National Holiday
2023 8 September Friday National Holiday
2024 8 September Sunday National Holiday
2025 8 September Monday

             When will Independence Day in Macedonia?

Macedonia Independence Day will celebrate on Sunday, 8th September of 2020. The people of Macedonia will be celebrated this day with various activities.

              History of Macedonia Independence Day

The late 1980s and early 1990s brought major changes in the world, and particularly in Europe. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the outlines of the new European history were created. The Cold War ended. Along with the Wall, under the sway of democratic forces, communist regimes that were dividing the Continent into two parts for half a century collapsed too. Macedonia also took part in those big steps towards acquiring democracy, starting the path towards an independent and sovereign state, outside the Yugoslav federation.

On 25 January 1991, the Macedonian Parliament adopted the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Macedonia, followed by the decision to hold a referendum. On 6 August 1991, the Macedonian Parliament decided by acclamation to hold a referendum at which the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia had to declare themselves.

The referendum for an independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia was organized on 8 September 1991. Out of 1,494,626 registered voters, 71.85% percent turned out, and 95.32% of them voted in favor of establishing an independent and sovereign state. Based on the results of the referendum that reflected the citizens’ desire for independence, the Assembly completed the process of independence of the Republic of Macedonia.

Since that day, 8 September is observed to commemorate the Independence of the Republic of Macedonia.

 Macedonia Independence Day 2021 Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

North Macedonia independence Day feature Image

  • When 8th September arrives every year, it fills our hearts with love for our nation and memories of all those who lost their lives to get freedom for us….. On the occasion of Independence Day warmly wishes to everyone.
  • Lots of people gave their lives, lots of people sacrificed their comforts, lots of women lost their husbands and sons and that is when we got this freedom…. Let us celebrate the Independence Day of North Macedonia
  • Fortunate are those brave men who got the opportunity to die for their country…. Let us remember them and appreciate the sacrifice they made for their country-Happy Independence Day of Macedonia citizens.
  • North Macedonia has been a country that fought for its freedom with high spirits and great sacrifices…. Let us make our country proud by working towards its progress…. Sending my best wishes on Independence Day to everyone.
  • May this day of Independence fill your life with eternal happiness and glory of prosperity-Happy 8 September independence day of Macedonia?
  • I wish you a memorable North Macedonia National Day filled with high spirits and love for nation-Happy Independence Day to all people of Macedonia.

         Macedonia Independence Day 2021 Greeting and SMS

North Macedonia independence Day feature Image

“Many lives were sacrificed; many battles were fought before we finally got independent…. Today is a very special day and warm wishes on Macedonia Independence Day to you.”

“Today we can enjoy freedom and independence, enjoy the comforts and rights we are given as a citizen…. Happy Macedonia Independence Day”

“A country is not just a piece of land but a home for many people who deserve to be independent and free…. Many wishes to the independence day of Macedonia”

“They gave away everything to give us an independent nation and we must also work hard to leave a nation our generations will always be proud of….Happy wishes on Macedonia Independence Day.”

“Independence comes with responsibility and on Macedonia Independence Day, we as the citizens of Macedonia must fulfill all our responsibilities to keep our nation safe and growing.”

Macedonia independence Day image

Macedonia independence Day image

Macedonia independence Day image

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