New Traffic Rules of Bangladesh 2022 and Fine List & Download PDF Details

New Traffic Rules In Bangladesh: Welcome to the new traffic law 2021. Bangladeshi new traffic rules have changed. The Traffic Act of Bangladesh Act, which was enacted on November 1, 2019, was changed and added. The new Traffic Act 2021 was introduced and this news was officially published in all the newspapers of Bangladesh. The traffic law pdf file to update Bangladesh 1st November 2020 was included in this content and the new traffic law 2021 (control 2018) and is available in the pdf list.

Traffic congestion and road accidents have become a major problem in Bangladesh. Farewell Bangladesh government introduces new traffic laws to avoid accidents and bring control over vehicles. So today we will see what rules are introduced in the new traffic law of Bangladesh is shown below.

Bangladesh’s new traffic rules 2021

The Bangladesh government has introduced a new traffic law in 2021. The main reason for this is to prevent accidents and to keep vehicles under control. The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) will be able to take the help of the new law to avoid incompetent drivers, chaos, and fatal accidents. To maintain BRTA traffic rules, Bangladesh Metropolitan Police and Bangladesh Metropolitan Police have formed a subtle chat which is attached as follows:

BRTA Fine list of traffic law violations

As many people still do not know the fines or penalties to be paid for violating the traffic laws as per the new traffic rules of Bangladesh 2019, so for your convenience, we have listed the list below.

When will the new law come into force?

With few exceptions, most people in Bangladesh have expressed a positive attitude towards the new law. This new traffic rule 2019 will be effective from the first number 2020.

Bangladesh New Traffic Rules 2021 (BRTA Act 2018 Update)

Bangladesh Metropolitan Police and Bangladesh Metropolitan Police have followed all the procedures to implement the traffic laws since the new traffic rules of Bangladesh were passed in 2021. If you want to know about the BRT Act and what are the penalties for breaking the law and what are the rules?

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BRTA Official Address ( if you contact)

  • Bangladesh Road Transport Authority BRTA), Head Office, BRTA Bhaban, Chairmanbari, New Airport Road, Banani, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
  • Phone: +88-02-55040711
  • Fax: +88-02-55040712
  • Email:

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