National Science Fiction Day Date, History & Importance

Welcome to National Science Fiction Day 2nd January 2021. You all know that every year National Science Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of January. The day is celebrated annually in the United States and has been observed since 2012. And this day is officially celebrated by science fiction fans. The famous story is similar to the official date of birth of the literary writer. However, Isaac Asimov is the most popular for his science fiction and his most famous work is the Foundation Series. The other major series are the Galactic Ampere series and the Robot series. He also wrote short stories known as social science fiction

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Date and time National Science Fiction Celebration

From here you can know the year and date of the celebration of National Science Fiction Day.

Year Day   Date
2021 Saturday 2 January
2022 Sunday 2 January
2023 Monday 2 January
2024 Thursday 2 January
2025 Wednesday 2 January

History of National Science Fiction Day

We learned from a Wikipedia source that National Science Day was officially raised on January 2. And it was raised in the United States science fiction. However, we know that it matches the date of birth of the famous fiction writer. We also learn about National Science Fiction Day through Hallmark panels and organizations that are recognized by the Scholastic Corporation, even if it is not a public holiday of any kind. In this science fiction, we also learn that space-based fiction can be found with the Great War of Alien or Star Wash. The genre may also include time travel, such as HG Wells’ famous book, Time Machine, or the Doctor Who franchise. And that’s why National Science Fiction Day is the perfect day to celebrate all of these national books, movies, and television shows.

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