National Holidays list in Bangladesh 2022 |All Public and Bank holidays in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Government has approved holidays 2020 of Member of Parliament in Bangladesh. Parliament has decided on holiday in a year for 2020. Bangladesh is a country in South Asia but its population lives at large. Now a day’s People are so much busy that they cannot get a calendar near hand. This is why; People can easily to our blog to know holidays month or year holidays.

So we provide acquire in information or news which our valuable User is looking for. Now we shall brief you about Calendar 2020. Our visitors can easily know the holidays of 2020.

Bangladesh Government Holidays -2020

The cabinet of Bangladesh has approved a list of Holidays for the year 2020. In this year 2020, there will be a total of 22 days of holidays. We know that on 29 October (Monday) 2019. The Cabinet meeting was hold and total of 22 days passed holidays by the cabinet of Bangladesh.    

All Holidays in Bangladesh-2020

Dear user from this post, you can know about all General Holiday, Vacation Holiday, Muslim Festival holiday, Hindu Festival holiday, Christian Festival Holiday, Buddhist Festival Holiday. So we can always try to present all information in front of you.

  General Holidays list- 2020

Date        Day               Name of Holiday

21st          February     Shahid Day and International Mother Language Day,

17th         March           the birthday of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,

26th        March           Independence and National Day,

1st            May               International labour day,

6th           May              Buddha Purnima,

22th         May              Jumatul Bida,

25th         May              Eid-ul-Fit r,

1st            August         Eid-ul-Azha,

11th         August          Hapy Janmashtami,

15th         August          National Mourning Day

26th        October        Durga Puja (Bijoya Doshomi),

30th        October        EID-e-Milladunnabi (peace be upon him)

16th         December-   Victory Day of and

25th        December-    Jesus Christ’s birthday (Christmas)

Vocational holiday list-2020

Date                                  Day                            Name of the Holiday

9th April                          Thursday                  Shab-E-Borat

14th April                        Tuesday                    Bengali New Year

21st May                          Thursday                  Shab E Kodor

24th– 26th May               Sunday & Tuesday -Eid-Ul-Fitr

11th July – 2nd August -Friday & Sunday     Eid-Ul-Azha

30th August                    Sunday                      Ashura

Muslim Festival Holidays- 2020

Date                             Day                         Name of the Holiday

23rd March                Monday                  Shab-E-Meraz

27th May                    Wednesday            the Second day of Eid Ul Fitr

03th August               Monday                  the Second Day of Eid Ul Azha

14th October              Wednesday            Akheri Chahar Somba

27th November         Friday                      Fateha-e-Yazdahm

Hindu Festival Holidays-2020

Date                        Day                          Name of the Holiday

29th January        Wednesday             Sree Sri Saraswati Puja

21st February        Friday                      Sree Sri Shibratri Broto

9th March              Monday                  Shuvo Dolzatra

22nd March          Sunday                    Arrival Day of Sri Harichand Tagore

17th September    Thursday                 Shuvo Mohaloya

25th October         Sunday                    Sri Durga Puja (Nobomi)

30th October         Friday                      Sri Laxmi Puja

14th November       Saturday                Sri Shema Puja

Christian Festival Holidays-2020

Date                           Day                         Name of the Holiday

1st January               Wednesday           English New Year

26th February          Wednesday           Ash Wednesday

09th April                 Thursday               Glory on Thursday

10th April                  Friday                    Glory On Friday,

11th April                   Saturday                Glory On Saturday

12th April                  Sunday                   Easter Sunday

24th-26th December    Thursday & Saturday  -His birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (before and after Christmas)

Buddhist Festival Holidays 2020

Date                              Day                              Name of the Holiday

08th February            Saturday                     Maghi Purnima

13th April                    Monday                       Chaitroshongkranti

04th July                     Saturday                     Ashari Purnima

02th September         Wednesday                 Modhu Purnima

01th October              Thursday                     Probarona Purnima

Finishing, you have understood that all government holidays 2020. If you have any question about Government holidays. Please comment the below box. We reply as soon as possible. Thanks for you stay with us for a long time.

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