Nagad Discount offer 2021 (Ortha)

Nagad Discount offer 2022 (Ortha) | Nagad 15% Discount offer 2022

Eid means joy. Eid means happy. Everyone is busy shopping for Eid now. So Cash has made Discover to make their customers happier on Eid shopping. Cash customers can now enjoy a discount of 15% up to Rs. 500 by ordering

If you have cash account and you order products and pay in cash, you can enjoy a discount offer of 15% up to Rs.500. So let us know more about this offer in the post below.

Link: Bkash Eid Offer 2021

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Campaign Period:

This discount offer will run from 22nd April 2021 to the day before Eid.

Nagad Discount offer Schedule:

  1. Nagad customers will get a maximum discount of 15% or up to Rs.500 / – if they make a purchase and pay by cash.
No Merchant name Website Discount% Limit (Taka) Campaign Period
Start Deadline
1 Ortha 15% 500 22 April, 2021 The day before Eid
  1. Nagad customers can enjoy this offer if they make purchases from Merchant’s website and pay in cash or through App USD.
  2. A Nagad subscriber can enjoy this offer more than once by participating in this campaign
  3. This discount campaign will start on 22nd April 2021 and will continue till the day before Eid-ul-Fitr
  4. Call 16167 for details on this discount offer

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