Nagad DPS Account Open, Installment, Maturity & Interest [Details]

Nagad DPS Account Open, Installment, Maturity & Interest [Details]

Nagad Bangladesh is a digital mobile banking service operated and regulated by the Post Office of Bangladesh. Nagad mobile banking is introducing new features for customers day by day. Sampriti has added cash apps DPS for customers. The customer will be able to open the DPS and pay the installment in terms of which the customer will pay a profit at the end of the term. So customers can open a DPS quickly and instantly through Nagad apps. The cash authority will automatically collect and authorize the DPS.

If you think that open a DPS through cash and deposit money. Then follow the instructions below and you will be able to complete the process quickly. Let’s see how to open DPS through Nagad apps, deposit money and how much profit you will get and to know more nagad add money facility.

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Nagad DPS Schemes

For those cash users, they can open DPS and there are two DPS schemes available for them. So a table for learning about cash DPS is provided below. What is meant here is the amount of installment (IMI), the amount of maturity that will get the total amount, and EMI (total installment or time).

EMI Amount Maturity Amount Total EMI
2590 TK 100000 36
259 TK 10000 36

More link: Nagad Customer Care

How to Open Nagad DPS Account?

Below is the instruction to open a cash DPS. Please follow. First, you need to log in to cash mobile apps. Then you need to follow the guideline and then complete the DPS account within one minute.

  • Click on the “DPS” button on the Nagad App
  • Now Click on the “DPS Schemes”
  • You will see two DPS Schemes on the Screen with details. Now, click on the See Details Button Right Side of the Scheme.
  • Click on the Subscribe Button. You can also Refer the DPS to other user using Mobile Number
  • Enter your Nagad PIN and click Subscribe Button
  • Your Request will be submitted shortly.

If you want to know other details including cash DPS, please contact Nagad service. So the customer representative will help you to know the details. You can also find detailed information on this website including other offers from Nagad Live Chat, Call Center Number & Customer Care. So stay tuned to our website to get detailed update information about Nagad such as offers & DPS profit.

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