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Mohan Bijoy Dibosh 2022 Message, Picture, Images, SMS, Status, Flag Drawing & Quotes

Great Victory Day 2021: Today we have attached Great Victory Day SMS, Greetings, Pictures, and Wallpaper etc in this post. The Bengali nation was able to achieve independence of its motherland Bangladesh by fighting for nine months. Therefore, December 16th is a special day, a day of joy and a day of victory for the Bengali nation.

Great Victory Day is the 49th Victory Day of Bangladesh. The Bengali nation wants to celebrate this day in a different way. First they want to pay homage and flowers to the great martyred freedom fighters then they want to rejoice and pay homage to the martyrs through various events throughout the day. They want to upload the message of victory on the occasion of Victory Day on various social media and spread it on social media so that the world can recognize Bangladesh. Let’s find out all the Victory Day data on our website.

Mohan Bijoy Dibosh Message, Picture, Images, SMS, Status

  • Great Victory Day December 16 is a happy victory like a red rose for the people of Bangladesh- Happy Victory Day!
  • Victory Day is a memorable day for the Bengali nation that is why they want to cherish all three in their hearts-Happy Victory Day!
  • This day is a day of struggle and victory of the Bengali nation. Therefore, the people of Bangladesh want to pay their respects and salute to this day-Happy Victory Day!
  • Salute to the brave army and people of Bengal for the best fight for the people of a nation and the fight to save their motherland – Happy Victory Day!
  • The outcome of each war drains millions of people across the country. The joy of Victory Day affects every citizen of the country equally – Happy Victory Day!
  • May Bangladesh be a country of peace and prosperity in the world. I wish you a happy Victory Day- Happy Victory Day
  • And laughter is a better victory than sorrow- Happy Victory Day
  • We all celebrate Victory Day together and introduce Bangladesh to the world- Happy Victory Day!

16 December Bijoy Dibosh Status

“25 Er Kalo Raat,

26 Er Provat.

Rokter Jorna,

Lash Er Bonna,

Pitar Hahakar,

Mayer Kanna,

Judder Moydan,

Porajito Soytan.

Juddo Sesh,


Sobaike Bijoy Diboser Suveccha.”

victory day

“Diyeche Bachar asha,

Ami Bijoy Er Gaan gai,

Ami sadhinota Ke Chai,

Ami Bijoyer Potaka Dhore,

Sarati Poth Pari Dite Chai,”

Mohan Bijoy Dibos Er Suveccha.

Bijoyer Sorup dekhai, Akash-Somoddur,

Megher Pale dheu Er Tale, Bijoyer Sur..

Bijoyer Abesh Chorai, Fol-Pakhi-Chad-Tara,

Kheter fosol haowai Nache, hocche badhonhara…

“1971” er means:

1=1 ta juddho;

9=9 ta mash;

7=7 jon bir sreshto

1=1 ta shadhin desh..

16th December 2020 picture

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