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Madhumati Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh. It started its banking activities on 19 September 2013. The main objective of the bank is to provide banking services to the customers with the highest level of honesty, transparency, and quality. This bank is a fourth-generation bank. The Bangladeshi bank has several branches but expects to cover each district in phases. Therefore, every bank has a routing number for each branch of Madhumati Bank which identifies the branch of the bank.

So we will provide all the branch routing numbers of Madhumati Bank here so that the customers can easily collect any branch routing number. But here at the bottom will be the district first, then the name of the branch, then the routing number.

Madhumati Bank Branch Routing Number

The English Bank Routing Number is a nine-digit identification number assigned to a financial institution and identifies the specific financial institution on which the payment is made. The routing number is 9 digits. The first three codes are called bank codes, the two-digit district codes, the next three-digit codes, and the last digit are called check codes. So this number is printed on the bottom left of the bank check page.

What is the routing number?

Bank routing number refers to the digit identification number not intended for the financial institution. This routing number identifies the specific financial institution and the payment is made. The routing number is nine digits. So the routing number is printed on the bottom left side of the bank.

Use of routing numbers

A routing number identifies a branch of a bank but its function is to use routing numbers for electronic transactions such as funds transfer, deposits, digital checks, and bill payments.

When to use routing numbers

Some operations at a bank branch require the use of routing numbers. Suppose you want to pay online, you must provide your account number and routing number. Moreover, in order to transfer money online internationally, you need to provide the routing number of that branch so that the bank will pay based on the routing number. So routing numbers are used for this purpose.

Modhumoti Bank All Branch Routing Number

Districts Branch Names Routing No.
Chittagong Agrabad Branch 295150136
Dhaka Ashulia Branch 295260226
Dhaka Gulshan Branch 295261720
Dhaka Mitford Branch 295274067
Dhaka Motijheel Branch 295274241
Faridpur Kanaipur Branch 295290917
Jhenaidah Jinnahnagar Branch 295440059
Sylhet Amberkhana Branch 295910042
Tangail Sakhipur Branch 295932204

Finally, every bank has a routing number for each branch. And these routing numbers have to be used in some cases. Similarly, Madhumati Bank has a routing number for each branch. This routing number is to be used for various purposes including online payment. So today we have attached the routing numbers of all the branches of Madhumati Bank so that you can easily collect any work.

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