Paragraph: Load shedding – Suitable for All Classes

What is load shedding? What is the reason of load shedding? What is the problem with load shedding? How to solve the load shedding?

Electricity Load-shedding means stop of electricity or disconnects electricity for a short or long time. It is the most major problem in our country.  At present, it has also become a common disease in our society. This problem is increasing day by day for various reasons. That is to say, it has become a burning question to the people of our society or country. That is why; we cannot lead a normal life for load shedding. We shall know the causes of load shedding. There is various reason for loading shedding in our country. We can say as an example that firstly, insufficient productions are the main causes of load shedding. Another way says that Electricity is not sufficient than the demand people of our society. Secondly, illegal connection by illegal staff or authority. Thirdly, the unplanned distribution of electricity is also another cause for load shedding. Fourthly, unused electricity is also another cause. System loss of Electricity is the main reason for stealing electricity. As at night need more electricity than day demand. This is why; load shedding is creating huge problems at night than day. Besides, load shedding causes a lot of problems. Load shedding creates a great problem that it is hampering the Socio-economic development of society. Domestic and industrial have both come to a standstill due to load shedding. A housewife cannot cook on time due to load shedding. Moreover, the production of industries and mills are being hampered due to load shedding. Students cannot study on time. Doctors of the hospital cannot Emergency medical treatment due to electricity to continue. Patients of the hospital may suffer terribly. In fact, Load shedding causes great suffering to the people. Load shedding helps a thief to steal in darkness. We should some steps to remove load shedding. At first, the Government should step to solve load shedding. That’s why; Government should set up more electricity power plan. The government can steps so that anybody cans not unused electricity, protect from illegal electricity, and have to properly use of electricity with insure. We should all careful to use electricity. The authority should also have a good plan for the distribution of Electricity. In the conclusion Everybody has to maintain electricity and the Government should be the proper step to solve load shedding.

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