Lal Shabuj Paribahan All Counter Number, Location, Fare list & Sehedule

Red Shabuj transport is one of the most popular modes of transport in Bangladesh. This is a non-AC transport service. This transport is regularly operated from Dhaka to Chittagong, Noakhali and various districts of North Bengal. Many advantages of this mode of transportation are: low fares, timely arrival at the destination and the car is luxurious, the seats are luxurious and provide extra service. That is why many passengers want to collect counter addresses and mobile numbers to travel through this mode of transport.

So the names, addresses, and details of each counter in all the districts of this transport are available here so that any passenger can collect in case of need. Let’s find out the details of all the counters from below.

Red and green transport counters

How many routes does Lal Sabuj Paribahan run through Bangladesh and if you want to know about these routes then collect from the list below?

Red-green transport counter and mobile number

The address name and mobile number of each counter of Lalsalu Paribahan in all the districts are continuously attached below:

Counter and mobile number of Dhaka district

There are many counters of this transport in the Dhaka district. Do you want to find the address of the nearest counter? So we have provided below the addresses in all the counters of Dhaka district continuously, you can find the addresses of the counters you need.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Mirpur-10 & 1, Counter, Phone: 01844-545369, 01844-545370.


Adabar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545373.
Jhigalta Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545374.
Nilkhet Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545375.
Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545363.
Uttara Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545364.
Airport Counter, Dhaka District  Phone: 01844-545365.
Norda Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545366.
Badda Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545367.
Shahjadpur Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545360.
Mohakhali Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545371.
Mohakhali Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District. Phone: 01844-545371
Farmgate Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545372.
Maniknagar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545376.
Golapbagh Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545377.
Sayedabad (No. 2-3-3) Counter Phone: 01844-545396, 01844-545380, 01844-545381.
Huzur Bari Gate Counter, Sayedabad, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545378.
Shanirakhra Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545382.
Signboard Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545383.


Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01844-545384.
Arambagh Control Office Phone: 01777-601481, 01777-601581, 01844-545351, 01844-545352.

Gazipur district counter and mobile number

Passengers of the Gazipur district can book tickets from all the counters in different places of the Gazipur district. So the information of the counters of Gazipur district is given below.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Tongi Bazar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01844-545362.
Cherag Ali Bazar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844-545361.


Counter and mobile number of Noakhali district

The popularity of this transport is very high in the Noakhali district. Therefore, the transport authorities have set up counters in the Noakhali district for the convenience of passengers so that passengers can easily book tickets from any part of the country and travel to different parts of the country. Let’s find out the addresses and mobile numbers of the counters below.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Sonapur Control Counter, Noakhali District Phone: 01844-545385.
Cold Store, Sonapur Counter, Noakhali District, phone: 01844-545386
Zero Point, Sonapur Counter, Noakhali District, Phone: 01844-545387.
Sonapur Railway Station Counter, Noakhali District


Phone: 01844-545388.
Dattabari Junction Counter, Sadar Noakhali District, Phone: 01844-545389.
Townhall Maijdi Counter, Noakhali District Phone: 01844-545390.
Townhall Maijdi Counter, Noakhali District Phone: 01844-545390.
Pourbhavan Maijdi Counter, Noakhali District,


Phone: 01844-545391.
Maijdi New Bus Terminal Counter, Noakhali District,


Phone: 01844-545392.
Maijdi Bazar Counter, Noakhali District


Phone: 01844-545393.
Crossroads Counter, Noakhali District, Phone: 01844-545394
Bajra Bazar Counter, Sonaimuri, Noakhali District,


Phone: 01844-545395.
Sonaimuri Bypass Counter, Noakhali District


Phone: 01844-545389.
Umbrella Payya Counter, Sonaimuri, Noakhali District Phone: 01844-545397.

Above all, the red-green transport is known as an important and popular quantity among the residents of the above districts. This is why the popularity of this transport is increasing day by day and new students want to collect addresses and mobile numbers of many counters. For passengers, we have attached the addresses and mobile numbers of all the counters in this article.

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