KTC Hanif Paribahan All Counter Number, Location, Fare list & Sehedule

KTC Hanif is a well-known and popular transport service in Bangladesh. The transport is selected from Dhaka to different districts of North Bengal and it is a non AC transport service. The main feature of this mode of transport is that the car has an advanced model and the seating arrangement is very good and the main advantage is that other bus fares are less accurate and the bus authorities sincerely provide the service to reach the destination on time. Most of the passengers in these districts are interested in traveling by transport.

So there are many passengers who want to know the address, mobile number and details of the nearest counter of this transport. Today, for the convenience of the passengers, the addresses, mobile numbers and details of all the counters of this transport have been presented in this article. If you want to find the information of any passenger transport counter then you can find the details in this article.

KTC Hanif Transport Route Instructions

The routes, names, addresses, and information of all the routes operated by KTC Hanif Paribahan in the above district are provided here so that any passenger can easily know about the routes.

Address and mobile number of KTC Hanif Paribahan

Addresses of all counters of KDC Hanif Paribahan Detailed information and mobile numbers We have provided district-wise consistently below this post. Passengers of any district can collect their counter address mobile numbers from here as per their requirements.

Counter and mobile number of Dhaka district

If any passenger wants to travel from Dhaka district to any part of the country by this transport and wants to find the address of the nearest counter to the place where he is staying in Dhaka, then we have finished the address of all the companies in Dhaka. So you can know the address and mobile number of the counter as required from here.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Kalyanpur Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01713-402631.
Gabtali Bus Terminal Counter, Dhakajela City, Phone: 01713-402643.

Counter and mobile number of Natore district

If you are a passenger in Natore district and want to travel by booking tickets from Natore district by transport then there are two counters in Natore district below. You can book tickets through these two counters. Below are two addresses and mobile numbers of the counter.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Natore Bus Station Counter, Natore District Town Phone: 01713-402672.
West Bypass Bus Station Counter, Natore District Phone: 01730-376352.


Counter mobile number of Rajshahi district

For the convenience of the residents of the Rajshahi district, the authorities have set up a counter so that the passengers of Rajshahi can travel by booking tickets from the following counters.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Rajshahi Bus Station Counter, Rajshahi District City, Phone: 01713-402652.
Chapai Bus Station Counter, Chapainawabganj District Town Phone: 01713-402648.


Counter mobile number of Chapai district

Chapai district has two counters for this transport. So if you want to book tickets from this transport from Chapai and want to travel to different parts of the country then you can easily travel through any of the following.

Counter Address & Name Counter Mobile Number
Railgate Bus Station Counter, Godagari, Rajshahi District, Phone: 01720-983435.


From the above discussion, it can be said that KTC Hanif Paribahan is a well-known and reputed transport service in Bangladesh. This transport carries a large number of passengers to their destination every day. There are many passengers who search online to find the required counter address. For the convenience of the passengers, we have continuously linked the address and mobile number of the above district counter here so that the passengers can easily collect the address and mobile number of the counter they need.

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