Jatayat Paribahan All Counter Number, Location, Fare List & Sehedule

Jatayat Paribahan is a popular and famous transport in Bangladesh that operates regularly from Dhaka to different districts of Bangladesh. It is an AC and non AC transport service. The main features of the transport are modern model, sleek and seating arrangements are very good and the advantages are that the fare is low and the bus authorities provide the service sincerely. Due to all these facilities, most of the passengers in this region want to travel by public transport.

Therefore, for the convenience of the passengers, we have given detailed information about the mobile number of all the powers of all the districts of this transport. So if you want to get the address and mobile number of any counter then you can collect from here.

Jatayat Paribahan Route Information

Details are given below with the names and lists of all the routes that this transport operates in Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Kishoreganj Via Narsingdi and Bhairab

Jatayat Paribahan counters and mobile numbers

The names, addresses and mobile numbers of these transport counters have been highlighted by area so that any counter can easily find the information.

Counter and mobile number of Dhaka district

There are many counters of this transport in Dhaka district from which you can book tickets for travel by this transport. You can manually add your address and mobile numbers to all counters.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Golapbagh Counter, Sayedabad, Dhaka District City Phone: 01918-517711.
Jatrabari Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District City Phone: 01919-555952.
Signboard Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01956-319433.
Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka District, Phone: 01973-235285.
Kanchpur Bridge Bus Station Counter, Narayanganj District, Phone: 01989-391395..


Narsingdi counter and mobile number

How many counters are there in the Narsingdi district for this transport? If you wish to use this mode of transportation, you will need to book tickets at these counters. So which two addresses and mobile numbers are given below.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Narsingdi Bus Station Counter, Narsingdi District City Phone: Up- 01724-579606, Down- 01724-579606.

Bhairab counter and mobile number

There are several counters of this transport in Bhaurab district through which you can travel by booking tickets but you can go by car from any counter. However, visit the address and mobile number of the counter here.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Bhairab Bus Stand Counter, Bhairab District Town, Phone: Up- 01726-182946, Down- 01736-966981..


Kishoreganj district counter and mobile number

There are some counters in Kishoreganj district through which one can travel by booking tickets through this transport. Let us know the details including address and mobile number in all the counters of Kishoreganj district from here.

Counter Name and Address Counter Mobile Number
Kishoreganj Bus Terminal Counter, (Ghatail), Kishoreganj District Town, Phone: 01713-565392, 01892-
Jail Turn Counter, Kishoreganj District, Phone: 01739-484095.
Poolerghat Bus Station Counter, Kishoreganj District Phone: 01728-976772.


Katiadi Bus Station Counter, Kishoreganj District, Phone: 01712-952380.


Finally, it can be said that the above transport travels from Dhaka to different districts of Bangladesh and the importance and necessity of this transport is much higher. So many passengers look for the address and mobile number to travel through the transport. For the convenience of the passengers and easily find the mobile number and address with detailed information at the counter from this article.

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