International Friendship Day 2022 History, Celebration, Activities & More

International Friendship Day: Celebrating Friendship Day is known as a festive day among all. Paraguay first proposed to celebrate International Friendship Day and celebrated the day through greeting cards. It is also known that all the social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Fiber, Emo, and many digital networks were widely promoted to celebrate this Friends Day And celebrated. Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries, but in the United States and Canada, it is celebrated on July 30 every year. The United States first celebrated Friendship Day in 2011.

In addition, several other countries, including India, observe Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August. It is known that Nepal celebrates and promotes Friendship Day on July 30 every year. This friendship day was first organized by a famous person named Joyce. However, he was the founder of Hallmark Cards. So International Democracy Day is known as a great and popular day.

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International Friendship Day 2021 celebrates, history

However, many people choose this day to celebrate Friendship Day. Celebrating Friendship Day in Asian countries is very important. It is learned that Nan Nanan, the wife of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, has chosen Vinnie Provo as the ambassador of friendship to the world. However, the history of Bangladesh-India and many other International Friendship Day celebrations are exceptional. On this day everyone wants to live this day well and arrange and express their friendship more strongly. Some friends express friendship through the exchange of gifts. Moreover, many people give each other cards to express friendship. Again some people celebrate Friendship Day by organizing parties on the occasion of this day. Because friends are the best part of everyone’s life with whom they share every happiness, sorrow, and pain in life so we want everyone to celebrate this day and share their emotions.

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When is International Friendship Day celebrated?

Just as International Democracy Day is celebrated every year, this year will also be International Friendship Day. And this day is July 30, 2021. Since a good friend lives through the best part of life, everyone wants to celebrate this day and maintain friendship and have a good day. So this day is celebrated in different ways all over the world. The dates of this day are given in the following sequence.

YEAR DATE DAY Celebrate Day
2020 July 30 Thursday Friendship day
2021 July 30 Friday Friendship day
2022 July 30 Saturday Friendship day
2023 July 30 Sunday Friendship day
2024 July 30 Tuesday Friendship day

Finally, I would like to say that International Friendship Day is an important day and this day is celebrated differently at different times in different countries of the world. Every friend wants to celebrate this day well and encourages everyone to celebrate Friendship Day. Let’s try to choose this UN Friendship Day which is celebrated as International Friends Day. Above all, he announced the observance of this day between 20th and 30th July and requested everyone to observe the day. Since this day is an important day bridge let this day be taken seriously all over the world and encourage everyone to do so.


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