International Coffee Day History

International Coffee Day 2021: History, Activity, Deals, Celebrated time, When & how

International Coffee Day 2021-28 September and Ist October is National Coffee day! International Coffee is known to all as a Coffee day. Welcome to national coffee day History, facts, celebrations, what is coffee day, how to celebrate it, why it is celebrated and tradition, etc. Every year this day is celebrated on 1 October. National Coffee Day is observed in the united state and many other countries all over the world.

So this day is very important to the people of the United States and other countries. They want to celebrate various ways on this day. This is why they are interested to know this day’s history, why it is celebrated, and how to celebrate this day. Now we will share with you the information on this day.

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History of International Coffee Day

We don’t know the details this day, but it is a lot easier to determine the history of Coffee day.

According to legend, it was discovered on the Ethiopian highlands by a goat herder who discovered the fruit of the coffee plant had a stimulating effect on his goats. So he decided to experiment with them a little bit and viola-coffee was born! He shared his findings with the local monastery and before long, everyone was making a drink from the coffee plant. Coffee quickly spread across the Arabian Peninsula and by the sixteenth century was prevalent in all parts of Persia, Turkey, and Syria. It eventually traveled to Europe by the seventeenth century and to the New World by the end of the seventeenth century.

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international coffee day image

International Coffee Day celebration Date and time

Year Date    Day
2020 1 October, 20 Thursday
2021 1 October, 21 Friday
2022 1 October,22 Saturday
2023 1 October, 23 Sunday
2024 1 October, 24 Tuesday
2025 1 October, 25 Wednesday

international coffee day image

international coffee day image

international coffee day image

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