ICT Assignment for Class 6, 7, 8 assignment

ICT Assignment Solution 2nd week for Class 6, 7 & 8

Welcome to ICT Classes 6, 7, 8. Do not do. Due to the situation, the Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh has decided that the students will not be tested this year. That is why the government has published the ICT Assignment Syllabus on October 28, 2020, for the sixth to ninth classes of high schools. Today we have recorded here the syllabus and solution of ICT for the 6th 7th 8th class.

  High School ICT Assignment

ICT is a compulsory subject for high school students. School authorities have distributed the ICT syllabus. If you have not yet collected Assessment City, you can quickly download and collect it from my site. Attached here is the assessment with solutions.

  ICT Assignment 2020 2nd Week

According to the decision of the government, the annual examination will not be taken this year. That is why the Department of Secondary Higher Secondary has released the ICT assessment of DS HP 6 7 and 8 classes. We’ve beautifully linked destiny here and please follow the article and get new ideas.

  ICT Assignment for Class 6 (2020)

Are you a student for class 6? Then you need to take the assignment syllabus and make a solution for 2 weeks. We have to add to our website and see in the below content

assignment class 6 syllabus

ICT Assignment Solution Class 6 PDF

Assignment for 2nd week PDF

ICT Assignment for Class 7 (2020)

Like other classes, the ICT assignment of class seven has to be submitted to the school. Students must submit assignments to the school within that time. We have attached the assignment of Class Seven here. You can view Seven’s assignments in class from here.

class 7 assignment syllabus

ICT Assignment Solution Class 7 PDF

Assignment for 2nd Week PDF

ICT Assignment for Class 8 (2020)

Due to the situation, the government has decided not to hold the JSC examination this time. That is why the government has published an assignment syllabus instead of the annual examination and the students in their assigned school.

class 8 assignment syllabus

ICT Assignment Solution Class 8 PDF

Assignment for 2nd Week PDF

How to Write A ICT Assignment for all classes?

University students are allowed to write assignments from the East. But this is the first time in history that the Ministry of Education has allowed high school students to view assignments. But since students are small in high school they do not know how to write assignments. Today we have highlighted the method of writing assignments for students here.

Create a cover: Each student needs to create a cover where they will list all the content pages with the table.

Answer the questions: Each student has to write the correct answers to the questions.

Special Note: Each student must use size paper to write the assignment and they must use the first pages for writing.

ICT Assignment Answer 6,7 & 8 class

We know students are looking for solutions to your questions. Questions have been asked from your textbook but you will not get answers from the textbook. That’s why the teachers in my Sparta have found the right solution to your questions and here is the answer sheet. You can get the answers from our website.

ICT Assignment Solution Class 6 PDF

ICT Assignment Solution Class 7 PDF

ICT Assignment Solution Class 8 PDF

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