Dhaka to Hili to Dhaka Bus Ticket Price & Schedule

Today I will share with you the price and schedule of Dhaka to Healy bus tickets. We know Healy is a long way from Dhaka which is 296 kilometers long but it is a popular and well-known route. Today we will tell you the schedule and ticket price of the Dhaka to Healy bus in this article.

Dhaka to Hili bus ticket price and schedule

From the table below you can see that SR Travels and Hanif Enterprise have gained two reliable and popular names. Everyone who travels on this route finds these two buses pleasant and safe. However, it is necessary to know that the Dhaka to Healy route takes three hours. So you can know the bus ticket price schedule from the table below.

Hili to Dhaka bus ticket price is also scheduled

If you want to know the price and schedule of the Healy to Dhaka bus ticket, you can find the correct information from this article. Healy to Dhaka Road 2 popular buses SRS Travels and Hanif Enterprise whose schedule and ticket price we have highlighted through the table below. So patiently look at the table below then you will know.

Stay tuned to our website to know the schedule and ticket price of the Dhaka bus from Dhaka to Healy.

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