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DBBL Bank Statement: How to Check & Download DBBL Bank Statement Free?

Dear DBBL Account users, welcome to you. Now we will share with you how to download statements free? Are you a DBBL Rocket/Agent Banking/Core Banking account holder? You want to need a Bank statement any need. You can also download statements easily. So you can get and see statements from Internet Banking, Nexus pay, DBBL Branch, Mobile Banking, and Agent Banking office. Now we will highlight the above all processes to you so that you can download statements easily. Besides, you can know about your account statement from the DBBL call Center over the phone.

How to download/check Statement by Internet Banking:

We will now highlight the internet Banking process so that you can easily know about internet Banking and download statements of your own account. That’s why; you need to have a Core Banking account. You will follow the below step:

Firstly, you will go to any DBBL Branch and to the respective officer who will process internet Banking.

Secondly, write/fill up an application include all documents with Gmail for internet Banking and provide all documents to the respective officer.

Thirdly, the Respective officer will complete these tasks, and the Username and password will send to the Gmail account of the account holder on that day/ next day or the Account holder will come to the Branch to take the username and password on the day appointed by the Respective officer.

Fourthly, you will log in by username and password and click the option.

Fifthly, Click the statement and fill up the required date, then you will see the statement of your Mobile/laptop/desktop screen.

Finally, your statements download successfully.

How to download/see the statement by Nexus pay:

  • First, you need to install the Nexus pay app and set the username and password. Then add your account/card. If you want now to download the statement, you have to login by username and password.
  • You will also see you’re all account card
  • You need to click on the account Card from which you want to take the statement.
  • Then you see three-dot marks (=) on the left corner and click there.
  • You will see many functions there and from there click on the Mini statement.
  • Then you will get the statement.

How to download/check statement from the Mobile Banking office:

If you are an Agent Banking/Mobile Banking customer, you can take a statement print copy from any Mobile Banking office of Bangladesh. This is why; you must go to the Mobile Banking office. Then fill up an application with the required data and provide it to the Respective officer for a statement. The respective officer will complete these tasks and provide a statement to the account holder with attested.

How to download/check statement from DBBL Branch:

Do you want to take an attested statement for official or any other work? You can also make a statement with attested from DBBL Branch if you are an Agent Banking or Core Banking account holder. You must go to the DBBL Branch. Then fill up an application with the required data and provide it to the respective officer for the statement. The respective officer will process and provide a statement to the account holder with attested.

Finally, we wish that you have understood all information about the statement. I have highlighted this post on how and where an account holder can take a statement from. It you have any questions about this post. Please your valuable comment below box. We reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your stay with us for a long time.

How to Know DBBL Statement from ATM?

Debit & Credit Card users of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited allow checking the Mini Statement from ATM Machine. Customers can also print the Mini Statement by paying 3 TK. Just follow the below steps and Print your Bank Statement quickly through ATM Machine.

  • Insert your Card on the DBBL ATM Machine
    Type your PIN
    Click on the Button where the show Mini Statement
    You will see Print Statement Logical option YES/NO. Click Yes Button
    Your Mini Statement will be Printed Successfully.

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