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Class 9 English Assignment Answer & Solution 3rd Week 2022

Hello Class Nine student friends, today we are talking about the English assessment of Class Nine. The assessment of class nine was published on the official website hsbe. Nine needs to be written and submitted to the class teacher within the English assessment period. We know English is a difficult subject. Writing assessment in English is very difficult for you. Since high school is closed and you are not getting the help of the class teacher, you need the help of an experienced English teacher.

It is known that many people are leaning towards online Google search as they do not get the help of an English teacher. If you cannot create an assessment in English then you will visit our website and Create your assessment key by downloading the PDF file from here. We created the assessment in collaboration with a few experienced English teachers and attached the assessment to our website in PDF format. Let’s get started then.

English Assignment for Class 6, 7, 8, 9  3rd Week Syllabus  PDF download

Students who have not downloaded the routine syllabus assessment from the official website will either download the assessment very soon or visit our website to download the assessment syllabus. After downloading the assessment syllabus, try to understand better. If you are not able to understand, then visit my website. Below is the assessment syllabus in PDF file format.

Hello, student friends visit our website as we have created an English assessment by an experienced teacher and attached it in a PDF file. You can download the file from here and get help so that you can create a nice understandable and good assistant which will be evaluated for your next class. Take a look at the English Assessment Answer Sheet PDF file below.

                         The Story of Lipi / Nila

One of the trio assigned tasks for the class 9 students is completing the short story of Lipi in English. Unit 4 lesson 4 is section c for the story of Lipi, a girl who was a victim of early childhood. The story of the girl Nila will have to write following Lipa’s description in the nit 4 lesson for section c in your English book. Here is the solution of the completing story of Nila / Nipa assignment answer in direct link with the question for class 9 er student.

                  Story of Nila In New 10 Sentences

…She wanted to pursue her higher education. Nila was the eldest of five children—three daughters and two sons. Her father was day laborers who worked at other people’s land while her mother was a homemaker who worked as a part-time worker at other people’s homes. The parents particularly the mother found it very difficult to raise the five children on the small income the father could earn. Her father knew that Alam was the only son of a well-off farmer in the village and fixed marriage with Nila with an illiterate person.

However, Nila wanted to peruse her higher education and could not accept the parent’s decision. Therefore, she took the help of her classmates who later informed the incident to the school headmaster. The headteacher called a meeting where he invited the school managing committee member as well as Nila’s parents. In the meeting, the headteacher and others explained in detail the serious consequences that would follow Nila’s marriage. Later, Nila’s parents realized the matter and called the marriage off. Now Nila is going to her school every day with friends.

The story of Nila story class 9 the story of Nila class 9 assignment class 9 the story of Nila assignment read the beginning of the story nila read the beginning of the story of lipi the story of lipi completing story nila class 9 assignment English unit 4 lesson 4 the story of Lipi

Class 9 ICT Assignment Answer 2020 (3rd Week)

          The Ferry Boat

The title ferry boat suggests the paragraph of something which is relating to the river. At the beginning section of Unit 4 lesson 1, you will find a picture of a boat carrying a huge passenger. In the 1st week assignment, you have been asked to write the answer to the homework question in your book. You can get your class assignment from below direct post link. Never be one of them who makes a direct copy of this assignment and submit to their school teachers.

       The Ferry Boat Assignment Answer

Unit 1 lesson 4 section hw c adds the story of the ferry boat. You can find questions along with the short paragraph of the ferry boat assignment answer from there. Our educators have answered the hw c section question here. You can download or make them very easy for you to write. You can also use this assignment with your school teacher. These may not be the best answer, but I think it will be very relevant to your question.

Therefore, Download the PDF and image file of the Ferry Boat assignment class 9 answer paragraph. As the time is running fast and the new assignment syllabus is already available, you should take much time but complete the 1st week Class 9 English assignment.

Why did some people have little or no patience when the ferry boat was in danger of sinking?

Ans: People thought that a storm was approaching and it was getting dark. If they could not cross the river instantly, they might fall into a big problem in the case of returning home. So, some of them became impatient to get into the boat. The people knew that the boat was overloaded and could sink anytime but they did not want to wait. Therefore they got into the ferry boat though they knew about the danger of sinking.

If we have too many buyers of fish in the market, what is likely to happen?

If we have too many buyers of fish in the market, the demand for fish will be bigger than the supply. Then the market will be unstable and the prices of fish will be very high. People from all walks of life will not be able to buy them.

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