Class 9 English Assignment answer with Syllabus

Class 9 English Answer Assignment 5th week 2022

Class 9 5th week syllabus and answer sheets can be found here. Are you a Class 9? Then you need to create an assignment on English. And creating English assignments is difficult for everyone because most of Class 9  are weak in English. Let us help students create English assignments and we will link the answer sheets for creating assignments in English to our website. So when you visit our website, collect the letter and submit the assignment to the class teacher.

Class 9 English Assignment Answer 2020

We have provided assignments in English, syllabus, and answer sheets on our website.

Suppose, you are Lima/Limon. You are a student of class nine in Sreepur Kumaria High School, Sreepur. In your school, you don’t have any supply of safe drinking water. Now, write an application to your Headteacher to arrange safe drinking water for the students



The headmaster

Sreepur Kumaria High School

Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka.

Subject: Prayer for arranging pure drinking water for the students.

Dear Sir,

We have the honor to draw your kind attention to the fact that there is no source of pure drinking water in our school. As a result, we have been suffering from the acute scarcity of pure drinking water. Some of the students have already got fatal diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, and other waterborne diseases by drinking impure water.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take the necessary steps to supply pure drinking water in the school as soon as possible to remove the suffering of the students.

Yours sincerely

Asif Kabir

On behalf of the students of

Sreepur Kumaria High School

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