Class 8 Work and Life Oriented Education Answer for 5th week 2021

Today we will discuss in detail the class 8 work and life issues. I will tell you where the class 8 syllabus on work and life subjects can be found or downloaded and how to create or get a standard answer sheet.

However, I would like to inform you that the May 8th class has published the syllabus of the fifth week for making assignments in this subject and you have to prepare the answer sheet within the stipulated time or you may be in danger. So let us know the details and cooperate with the syllabus and answer sheets.

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5th-week Assignment Syllabus 2021 for class 8 Work and Life Oriented Education

As a conscious and good student of eighth grade, you need to collect the syllabus. If you can still collect the syllabus then simply visit our website and be able to collect the syllabus. The syllabus is attached below, download and collect.

Class 8 Work and Life Oriented Education Answer 2021

Every student wants to get a good mark by making a good assignment and pass the next class well. But not everyone can make good assignments. We have attached our experienced team to this website to assist you in answering every question well. You can quickly visit our website and collect the answer sheets and submit them to the assignment sir.

এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট বা নির্ধারিত কাজ

ক. বিদ্যালয়ের পাঠাগারে শিক্ষার্থীরা পড়ালেখা করছে।

খ. শিক্ষার্থীরা শ্রেণিকক্ষ পরিষ্কার করছে।

গ. শ্রেণিতে শিক্ষক পাঠদান করছে।

ঘ. শিক্ষক বই বিতরণ করছেন।

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