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Class 8 2nd Week Assignment Answer All Subject 2022 (English, BGS)

Class 8 second-week assignment syllabus and answer sheets are available on our website. Did you know that on March 25, the Class 8 assignment syllabus was published by the Department of Education and it has been said that the answers to the specific questions of the syllabus must be prepared and submitted within a certain time?

But Class 8 English is a difficult subject. Students are very concerned about creating assignments. So we have linked our website to the students by asking them to create assignments for the syllabus. So visit our website without any worries, collect the answers to the questions and submit them as an assignment.

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Class 8 English Assignment Answer 2nd week 2021

Student friends we all know eighth grade English is a difficult subject. Students have no reason to worry about creating English subject assignments because we have created answers to each of the assignment questions to help you and link to our website. You can collect English answers and submit them in due time. Will be done.


Our ethnic friends (2)

Suppose, you have a foreign friend who is very curious to know about the ethnic people of your country.

Now, prepare a fact file on them. You can talk about the dress, food, culture, sports, and pastimes in 200 words. Use narratives, images, pictures, tables, or information as needed.

Ethnic group means one kind of tribe or community of people. They are different from us. Their religion is different from ours. They are a very important part of the culture of our country. They have different cultures and traditions.

Their clothes, jewelry, cooking, and eating habit are different from ours. Several ethnic groups live in Bangladesh. Among the ethnic people, the most well-known are the Chakma, the Marma, the Tipperary, the Hajang, the Gator, the Manipuri, and the Santal.

The majority of those people live in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Some of them live in some regions of Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Bhola, and Sylhet. They practice Jhum cultivation. By religion, they are Hindus, Christians, or Buddhists. They speak their own mother tongue. Ethnic People of Bangladesh have some common characteristics, they have their own lifestyles. They build their houses on bamboo or wooden platforms. Rice is their staple food. Men wear lungi and women wear this or sarongs and angles. Women weave their own clothes generally. Hunting and fishing are their favorite pastimes. They are fond of songs, music, dances, theatre, and fairs. Traditional musical instruments used are bugles made from buffalo horns, drums bamboo flutes. Wrestling is a popular sport for them. Ethnic people play an important role in our culture and tradition.

Class 8 BGS Assignment Answer 2nd week 2021

Class 8hth graders today we will discuss here making Bangladesh and world identity assignment. If you have not yet created Bangladesh and World Identity Assignment then this post is for you. So if you want to get the answer to each question of the assignment, visit our website and collect the answer to each question And submit it to the school as an assignment because it is absolutely necessary for you to make it within that time. Let us highlight the answers below.

প্রশ্ন: ১৯৪৭ সাল থেকে ১৭৫৭ পর্যন্ত যে কোনো ১০টি উল্লেখযোগ্য ঘটনার সময়কালসহ একটি পোস্টার তৈরি কর


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একসাথে ২য় সপ্তাহের সকল শ্রেণির অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট ডাউনলোড

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