BRAC Bank Helpline Number, Email, Swift Code and Head office Address

BRAC Bank is one of the popular private banks in Bangladesh. BRAC Bank started its banking activities in 2001. The bank currently serves more than 41 million customers. BRAC Bank, the promoter of microcredit in Bangladesh, is called SME for short. The event has 127 growing branches and 457 SME units, 375 ATM booths. The bank has been providing customer service for a long time including SME Banking Retailer Meeting Digital Bank Internet Banking and many more banking services.

Sampriti Banking Agent is launching banking to provide access to banking services to people in remote areas. So today we will share with you BRAC Bank’s helpline number, email number, Swift code number and head office address.

BRAC Bank Helpline Number

BRAC Bank has its own helpline center where any customer of BRAC Bank can avail any banking activities 24 hours a day. Not only this, the customers of this bank can receive any service-related problems, complaints, and problems of the bank by calling within 24 hours. So you need to know the helpline number of this bank and call this number. Let’s collect from the helpline number below.

24 Hour Call Center: 16221

For Overseas Callers: +0088 02 55668055-6, +0088 09611223344

Email Address Brac Bank

For the convenience of the customers, the bank authorities have provided an email number in addition to the call center number so that any customer can contact via email. If you are a customer of this bank, if you want to get any banking service without a call center, write your problem and send it to your email address, the authority will inform you quickly.


Fax number

Mutual Trust Bank has provided helpline numbers, fax numbers in addition to email numbers for easy communication of customers so that customers can avail banking services through fax. If you want to report your problems by fax or get a solution, you can send your problems to the fax number below.

Fax : +88 02 222298910

Swift code number

Every bank that takes Brac Bank has a sweep code number through which it carries the identity of the bank. If you want to get or collect the Swift code number of Brac Bank, you can easily collect it from here. However, keep in mind that the bank’s Swift code number must be used for many purposes, including your banking transactions. That is why it is so important to know. So let’s collect the Swift code number from below.


BRAC Bank Head office address

If you are looking for the head office address of Mutual Trust Bank. Then you are in the right place. Today we will name the head office address Tipu here so that you can go to his office in any need or contact the correspondence head office. Let’s then collect the head office address from below.

  • BRAC Bank Limited, Anik Tower, 220/B, Tejgaon Gulshan Link Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka 1208
  • +88 02 8801301-32; 09677551001-31;

In conclusion, Brac Bank is one of the most popular private banks in Bangladesh. The bank does its best to provide customer service and launches new banking services such as Sampriti Agent Banking Services. Agent banking will enable people in remote areas to avail banking services.

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