AB Bank Helpline Number, Email, Swift Code, Website address & Head Office Address

AB Bank is a private and popular bank in Bangladesh. The previous name of the event was Arab Bangladesh Bank. Launched on 31st December 1981 to provide banking services and started operations on 12th April 2012. At present, AB Bank has many branches in Bangladesh with ATM booths and branches through which it provides and contributes banking services to the customers of Bangladesh.

Today we will share with you AB Bank’s helpline number, email address, sweep code, and head office address so that any customer can collect and receive these services at any time for the purpose of availing the services of AB Bank.

Helpline Number of AB Bank

It is a private, well-known, and popular bank in Bangladesh. The bank is currently providing services to the customers and has introduced new services to serve the customers day by day. That’s why AB Bank has many customers who find helpline numbers for their banking services. Therefore, below, we bowed to the helpline number of AB Bank.

16207 or +88 096789 16207

AB Bank Email Address

Authorities have provided an email address without AB Bank’s helpline number so that any customer can send details and receive services at any time to get any information about their problems or access to banking services. Authorities will respond as soon as possible after receiving your email.

Swift Code

Like every bank, AB Bank has a Swift code number. That number is the transaction and many times customers may need. That is why there are many customers who want to know and collect the Swift code number of AB Bank. That is why we have given the following code number of AB Bank here today for the convenience of the customers.


Website address

The bank has its own website address where customers can contact the following website to receive or receive any of their services.


AB Bank Head office address

AB Bank has a head office in Dhaka and we will provide this head office address here so that any customer can contact the head office directly or by letter. For this the authority has given permission to the customers to contact the head office and the address below has been attached.

BCIC Bhaban, 30-31 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.

In view of the above discussion, it can be said that AB Bank is a private bank in Bangladesh and its popularity is very high. So the number of AB Bank customers is constantly increasing and to solve any problem find AB Bank’s helpline number, head office address, sweep code, and email address. So today we have combined all the information in the interest of receiving customer service here. So if you are a customer then you can collect all the information from here

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